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a darker shade of pale Bob Dylan book DARKER SHADE OF PALE (A) - A BACKDROP TO BOB DYLAN, by Wilfrid Mellers. (3 editions, 1 advance proof)

the day I was there Bob Dylan book DAY I WAS THERE (THE), (BOB DYLAN), by Neil Cossar. (with 2 pre-publication cover)

the dead straight guide to Bob Dylan book DEAD STRAIGHT GUIDE TO BOB DYLAN (THE), by Nigel Williamson. (2 editions, 2 pre-publication covers)

dealing with fear matthew zuckerman Bob Dylan book DEALING WITH FEAR, by Matthew Zuckerman.

dear Bob Dylan book DEAR BOB DYLAN, by Lisa Zaran.

Decoding Dylan book by Jim Curtis DECODING DYLAN, by Jim Curtis

the delaplaine Bob Dylan book DELAPLAINE BOB DYLAN (THE) - "HIS ESSENTIAL QUOTATIONS", by Andrew Delaplaine.

desire songs of redemption Bob Dylan book DESIRE - SONGS OF REDEMPTION, by Robin Witting.

Bob Dylan's poetic' letter from 1965 DESOLATION ROW - BOB DYLAN'S POETIC LETTER FROM 1965, by Jochen Markhorst (2 editions).

Bob Dylan's poetic' letter from 1965 DETERMINED TO STAND, by Chris Gregory.

the devil and Bob Dylan book DEVIL AND BOB DYLAN (THE), by Alan Jules Weberman.

devil sent the rain Bob Dylan book * DEVIL SENT THE RAIN - MUSIC AND WRITING IN DESPERATE AMERICA, by Tom Piazza.

diary of a bob cat Bob Dylan book DIARY OF A BOBCAT, by John Bauldie, Wanted Man 1995, 90 pages.

Bob Dylan discography sandy gant book DISCOGRAPHY OF BOB DYLAN (A), compiled by Sandy Gant.

discography of Bob Dylan 1974 book DISCOGRAPHY OF BOB DYLAN (A), "Researched and compiled by Geoff Styche".

do you mr jones Bob Dylan hardback book DO YOU MR JONES? - BOB DYLAN WITH THE POETS AND PROFESSORS, edited by Neil Corcoran. (4 editions, 1 uncorrected proof)

The doctor Mr Dylan book * DOCTOR (THE) & MR. DYLAN, by Rick Novak (novel).

Dr. G's bob dylan single & EP collection 1962-2009 Dr. G’s BOB DYLAN SINGLE & EP COLLECTION 1962-2009, by Ulf Gyllenspetz. (4 editions)

documentary film classics Bob Dylan book * DOCUMENTARY FILM CLASSICS, by William Rothman.

don't look back keith beattie Bob Dylan book DONT LOOK BACK, by Keith Beattie.

don't look back a film by pennebaker Bob Dylan book DONT LOOK BACK - A FILM AND BOOK BY D.A. PENNEBAKER (BOB DYLAN). (3 editions and flip book)

don't look sideways paul murphy Bob Dylan book DON'T LOOK SIDEWAYS (THE LIFE & TIMES OF BOB WORDSWORTH), by Paul Murphy. (2 editions)

Bob Dylan the early years andy gill book DON'T THINK TWICE, IT'S ALL RIGHT - BOB DYLAN - THE EARLY YEARS, by Andy Gill, same as CLASSIC BOB DYLAN 1962-69, MY BACK PAGES and THE STORIES BEHIND THE SONGS 1962-1969. (5 editions, 3 different titles)

The Double life of Bob Dylan DOUBLE LIFE OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Clinton Heylin, Volume 1 (3 editions) and Volume 2.

Bob Dylan stories behindthe songs book DOWN A DIRTY ROAD - BOB DYLAN'S 2017 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

down and in life in the underground * DOWN AND IN - LIFE IN THE UNDERGROUND, by Ronald Sukenick.

down the highway 1993 concerts Bob Dylan book DOWN THE HIGHWAY - BOB DYLAN'S 1993 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

down the highway howard sounes Bob Dylan book DOWN THE HIGHWAY - THE LIFE OF BOB DYLAN, by Howard Sounes. (8 editions, 1 proof copy, 1 pre-publication cover)

down the road 1999 concerts Bob Dylan book DOWN THE ROAD - BOB DYLAN'S 1999 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

Drawn blank Bob Dylan book DRAWN BLANK, by Bob Dylan.

Drawn blank Series Bob Dylan book DRAWN BLANK SERIES (THE), by Bob Dylan. (5 editions)

Drawn blank series a private collection Bob Dylan book DRAWN BLANK SERIES - A PRIVATE COLLECTION.

Drawn blank series a private collection Bob Dylan book DREAMS AND DIALOGUES IN DYLAN'S TIME OUT OF MIND, by Graley Herren

book Dreaming of Dylan DREAMING OF DYLAN - 115 DREAMS ABOUT BOB, 'created collected and edited by Mary Lee Kortes'.

Dust of Rumour Bob Dylan book DUST OF RUMOUR (THE), by Dave Percival. (2 editions)

Bob Dylan jonathan cott book DYLAN, by Jonathan Cott. (2 editions and an uncorrected proof)

dylan music icon french english german book DYLAN ('BOB DYLAN' on spine), by Luke Crampton, Dafydd Rees and Wellesley Marsh.

Dylan steve matteo book DYLAN, by Steve Matteo.

Dylan steve matteo book DYLAN, The Very First Record Company (Certificate of Birth).

Dylan I, II, III newspapers clippings book DYLAN I, II & III (3 volumes of newspapers clippings).

Dylan 75 years book DYLAN - 75 YEARS, by Glenn Dunks. (2 editions)

Bob Dylan bob spitz book DYLAN, A BIOGRAPHY, by Bob Spitz.

a commemoration pickering Bob Dylan book DYLAN, A COMMEMORATION, by Stephen Pickering (4 editions)

a listing arie de reus Bob Dylan book DYLAN, A LISTING, by Arie De Reus.

a man called alias Bob Dylan book DYLAN, A MAN CALLED ALIAS, by Richard Williams. (3 editions)

Dylan and cohen book DYLAN & COHEN - POETS OF ROCK AND ROLL, by David Boucher.

Dylan and me by Louie Kemp DYLAN & ME - 50 YEARS OF ADVENTURES, by Louie Kemp, 3 editions and an advanced galley copy.

Dylan and the frucht book DYLAN & THE FRUCHT - THE TWO WITS AND OTHER INSPIRED JEWISH WRITERS, by Ronnie Keohane.

the grateful dead a tale of twisted fate Bob Dylan book DYLAN & THE GRATEFUL DEAD - A TALE OF TWISTED FATE, by Howard F. Weiner.

Dylan at 80 book DYLAN AT 80, edited by Gary Browning and Constantine Sandis.

Dylan at newport book DYLAN AT NEWPORT 1965 - MUSIC, MYTH, AND UN-MEANING,  by Edward Renehan.

Dylan at play book DYLAN AT PLAY, edited by Nick Smart and Nina Goss.

Bob Dylan behind closed doors book DYLAN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - THE RECORDING SESSIONS [1960-1994], by Clinton Heylin.

behind the shades clinton heylin hardback viking Bob Dylan book DYLAN BEHIND THE SHADES - THE BIOGRAPHY, by Clinton Heylin

Dylan by others book DYLAN BY OTHERS, by Larry Hansen.

Dylan by schatzberg book DYLAN BY SCHATZBERG, by Jerry Schatzberg. (2 editions)

Dylan by weberman book DYLAN BY WEBERMAN, by John Roberts (with a pre-publication copy).

Dylan Cash and the nashville cats book DYLAN, CASH, AND THE NASHVILLE CATS, Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum.

the Dylan companion book DYLAN COMPANION (THE), by Elizabeth Thomson. (4 editions)

Dylan contraband book "DYLAN: CONTRABAND" A Critique by Trevor Midgley

Dylan disc by disc book DYLAN DISC BY DISC, by Jon Bream. (2 editions)

Dylan goes electric book DYLAN GOES ELECTRIC!, by Elijah Wald. (2 editions and an uncorrected proof)

dylan his life in pictures book DYLAN - HIS LIFE IN PICTURES, by Harry Shapiro (3 editions).

Dylan in woodstock book DYLAN IN WOODSTOCK, by Elliott Landy

Dylan junkie book DYLAN JUNKIE, by Jeffrey Paparoa Holman.

Dylan lennon marx and god * DYLAN, LENNON, MARX AND GOD, by Jon Stewart.

Dylan on Dylan UK hardcover book DYLAN ON DYLAN, by Jonathan Cott. (3 editions)

Dylan on dylan hardcover book DYLAN ON DYLAN - INTERVIEWS AND ENCOUNTERS, edited by Jeff Burger. (2 editions)

Dylan redeemed book DYLAN REDEEMED - FROM HIGHWAY 61 TO SAVED, by Stephen H. Webb. (2 editions)

Dylan songs a listing by Dave Percival book DYLAN SONGS - A-LISTIN', by Dave Percival. (2 editions)

Dylan songs a listing by Dave Percival book DYLAN TAPES (THE), by Antony Scaduto, edited by Stéphanie Trudeau (with advance copy)

The Dylan Tarot DYLAN TAROT (THE), by Chris Leech

Dylan the biography mcdougal book DYLAN - THE BIOGRAPHY, by Dennis McDougal. (2 editions, 1 uncorrected proof)

Dylan the 5 minute visual bob-ography book DYLAN - THE 5 MINUTE VISUAL BOB-OGRAPHY, by Roy Fox.

Dylan through the glass book DYLAN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, by Adrian Rawlins.


Dylan visions portraits and back pages book DYLAN - VISIONS, PORTRAITS, AND BACK PAGES, Mark Blake Ed. (3 editions)

Dylan's autobiography of a vocation book DYLAN'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A VOCATION, by Louis A. Renza. (2 editions)

Dylan's daemon lover book * DYLAN'S DAEMON LOVER, by Clinton Heylin. (2 editions)

Dylan's vision of sin hardcover book DYLAN'S VISIONS OF SIN, by Christopher Ricks. (6 editions)

what happened? paul williams Bob Dylan book DYLAN - WHAT HAPPENED?, by Paul Williams. (5 editions and 5 variants)

Dylandex tim dunn book DYLANDEX 1962-1997 (THE), by Tim Dunn

Dylangate weberman book DYLANGATE, by A.J. Weberman.

Dylanology weberman book DYLANOLOGY, by A.J. Weberman.

Dylanology ap 2000 test questions book DYLANOLOGY AP! - 2,000 TEST QUESTIONS by John Fabian.

the dylanologists, adventures in the land of bob book DYLANOLOGISTS (THE) - ADVENTURES IN THE LAND OF BOB, by David Kinney. (2 editions)


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