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ultimate music guide uncut May 2015 magazine Bob Dylan cover story ULTIMATE MUSIC GUIDE (THE), Mook (4 issues).

under the read sky Bob Dylan book UNDER THE RE(A)D SKY, by Stephen Scobie.

understanding Bob Dylan book UNDERSTANDING BOB DYLAN, by Tony Beck.

unprepared to die Bob Dylan book * UNPREPARED TO DIE, by Paul Slade.

Unravelled Tales of Bob Dylan book UNRAVELLED TALES OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Douglas Brinkley.

Untitled booklet 1981 Bob Dylan cuttings Untitled, 1981 cuttings.

unusualand obscure Bob Dylan book UNUSUAL AND OBSCURE, by David Icke.

view from the bottom Bob Dylan book  * VIEW FROM THE BOTTOM, by Harvey Brooks

a vinyl headstone almost in place Bob Dylan book VINYL HEADSTONE ALMOST IN PLACE (A), by Ray Stavrou

visions of johanna stephen scobie Bob Dylan book VISIONS OF JOHANNA, by Stephen Scobie,.

visiting bob poems inspired by the life and work of Bob Dylan VISITING BOB, edited by Thom Tammaro and Alan Davis.

vitagraph for Bob Dylan at sixty book VITA GRAPH FOR BOB DYLAN AT SIXTY, by Gavin Selerie.

a voice from on high by Phil Mason VOICE FROM ON HIGH (A), by Phil Mason.

voice without restraint herdman Bob Dylan's lyrics and their background Delilah Books 1982 VOICE WITHOUT RESTRAINT, by John Herdman. (4 editions and an publisher's proof))

walk the hard roan 2006 concerts Bob Dylan book WALK THE HARD ROAD - BOB DYLAN'S 2006 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

the wall of fame Bob Dylan book * WALL OF FAME (THE), by Henry Goldrich and Holly Goldrich Schoenfeld.

wanderer by trade Bob Dylan book WANDERER BY TRADE (A) - GENDER IN THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN, by Patrick Webster.

wanted man in search of Bob Dylan book WANTED MAN - IN SEARCH OF BOB DYLAN, by John Bauldie. (3 editions)

warehouse eyes Bob Dylan book WAREHOUSE EYES - THE ALBUMS OF BOB DYLAN 1962-2005 by Peter James.

watchin' the roads 2002 concerts Bob Dylan book WATCHIN' THE ROADS - BOB DYLAN'S 2002 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

watching the river flow observations on Bob Dylan's art in progress 1966-1995 book hardback WATCHING THE RIVER FLOW, by Paul Williams. (2 editions)

way down Bob Dylan book * WAY DOWN, by Jerry Scheff

we are the world Bob Dylan book * WE ARE THE WORLD, by David Breskin.

wee rock discography Bob Dylan book * WEE ROCK DISCOGRAPHY (THE), by M.C. Strong

went into the town Bob Dylan book WENT INTO THE TOWN, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith

whaaat, theoriginal play boy interview Bob Dylan book WHAAAT? - THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOY INTERVIEW 1965

what they heard * WHAT THEY HEARD, by Luke Meddings

what's real and what is not Bob Dylan book WHAT'S REAL AND WHAT IS NOT , by Terry Alexander Gans. (3 variants)

when bob met woody Bob Dylan book WHEN BOB MET WOODY, by Gary Golio and Marc Burckhardt.

Where Are You Tonight Bob Dylan book WHERE ARE YOU TONIGHT?, by Jochen Markhorst.

whirly gig john lewis book WHIRLY GIG, by John Lewis.

the white goddess by robert graves * WHITE GODDESS (THE), by Robert Graves. (Indirect Dylan connection).

who is bob dylan? jim O'Connor Bob Dylan book WHO IS BOB DYLAN?, by Jim O'Connor, illustrated by John O’Brien. (3 editions)

who is that man? in search of the real Bob Dylan hardcover book WHO IS THAT MAN? , by David Dalton. (5 editions and a pre-publication cover with another title)

who's gonna go to hell for anybody Bob Dylan book WHO'S GONNA GO TO HELL FOR ANYBODY? (BOB DYLAN-), by Lee Anderson Right'Stone (2 variants).

whole world in an uproar Bob Dylan book * WHOLE WORLD IN AN UPROAR, by Aaron J Leonard.

why Bob Dylan matters richard f thomas book WHY BOB DYLAN MATTERS, by Richard F. Thomas. (4 editions and 1 uncorrected proof). This book is titled WHY DYLAN MATTERS in its UK edition.

why Bob Dylan won the nobel prize for literature WHY BOB DYLAN WON THE NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE, by Aaron Lefkovitz.

why Dylan matters Richard F. Thomas William Collins 2017, UK, hardback WHY DYLAN MATTERS, by Richard F. Thomas, (2 editions). This book is titled WHY BOB DYLAN MATTERS in its US edition.

wicked messenger mike marqusee Bob Dylan book WICKED MESSENGER - BOB DYLAN AND THE 1960s, by Mike Marqusee.

winter harvest shems friedlander Bob Dylan book * WINTER HARVEST, by Shems Friedlander.

the wit and wisdom Bob Dylan book WIT AND WISDOM (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Peter Jennings.

with god onour side explanation Bob Dylan cours carnot paris WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE - EXPLANATION OF THE POEM

a woman and two men Bob Dylan book WOMAN AND TWO MEN (A) by Robert Forryan.

woodstock dreams bob dylan book in English-German * WOODSTOCK DREAM, by Elliott Landy (English/German).

woodstock vision Bob Dylan Landy Vision, N.Y., 1996 * WOODSTOCK VISION, by Bob Landy. (3 editions)

woody allen bob dylan and me * WOODY ALLEN, BOB DYLAN AND ME, by Julius Kunley

woody guthrie, the tribute concerts * WOODY GUTHRIE - THE TRIBUTE CONCERTS. Bear Family Records 2017. Included in the 3-CD set.

words between worlds Bob Dylan book WORDS BETWEEN WORLDS, Tower Notes.

words feel my head Bob Dylan book WORDS FILL MY HEAD, Bobcats International. (3 editions)

words feel my head Bob Dylan book WORKING WITH BOB DYLAN, by Chris Wade

world of Bob Dylan book WORLD OF BOB DYLAN (THE), Anonymous, private publication

the world of Bob Dylan book WORLD OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Sean Latham

writing Dylan larry david smith book WRITING DYLAN - THE SONGS OF A LONESOME TRAVELER, by Larry David Smith. (2 editions)

writing gordon lightfoot Bob Dylan book * WRITING GORDON LIGHTFOOT - THE MAN, THE MUSIC AND THE WORLD IN 1972, by Dave Bidini.

writings and drawings by Bob Dylan 1973 hardcover book WRITINGS AND DRAWINGS BY BOB DYLAN.(6 editions plus proofs)

written in my soul Bob Dylan book * WRITTEN IN MY SOUL, by Bill Flanagan (3 editions).

a year and a day Bob Dylan taschen 2016 daniel kramer box YEAR AND A DAY (A), (BOB DYLAN), by Daniel Kramer. (3 editions)

yesterday's paper Bob Dylan book * YESTERDAY'S PAPERS by Alan Stroud

you called and I came 2004 concerts Bob Dylan book YOU CALLED AND I CAME - BOB DYLAN'S 2004 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

you lose yourself you reappear Bob Dylan book YOU LOSE YOURSELF YOU REAPPEAR, by Paul Morley (2 editions).


younger now Bob Dylan's changing world and vision book YOUNGER NOW: BOB DYLAN'S CHANGING WORLD AND VISION, by Carolyn Jane Bliss.

younger than that now the collected interviews with Bob Dylan book YOUNGER THAN THAT NOW - THE COLLECTED INTERVIEWS WITH BOB DYLAN, by Jim Ellison.

younger than that now the collected interviews with Bob Dylan book ZIMMERMAN ON ZIMMERMAN, by Thomas Zimmerman.


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