flag usa * WRITTEN IN MY SOUL, by Bill Flanagan

    WRITTEN IN MY SOUL, first published in 1986, is a snapshot of some of Rock & Roll's most iconic artists at the same moment. Bill Flanagan, who would go on to create VH1 Storytellers and CMT Crossroads, spoke about songwriting and creativity with Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Joni Mitchell, Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Bono and nineteen more music legends.

Different subtitles for the various editions of this book of interviews where there is a 26-page chapter on Bob Dylan:

written in my soul Bob Dylan book
ROCK'S GREAT SONGWRITERS TALK ABOUT CREATING THEIR MUSIC, Contemporary Books 1986, US, hardback, 472 pages, ISBN 978-0809246502
written in my soul Bob Dylan book 1987
CONVERSATIONS WITH ROCK'S GREAT SONGWRITERS, Contemporary Books 1987, US paperback, 472 pages, ISBN 978-0809246503

written in my soul Bob Dylan book 1990
CANDID INTERVIEWS WITH ROCK'S GREAT SONGWRITERS, Music Sales Ltd 1990, paperback, 496 pages, ISBN 978-0711922242

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