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raging glory Bob Dylan book RAGING GLORY, by Dennis R. Liff

rain unravelled tales Bob Dylan book RAIN UNRAVELLED TALES, by Clinton Heylin. (3 editions)

razor'sedge hardcover Bob Dylan book RAZOR'S EDGE, by Andrew Muir. (2 editions and a pre-publication cover)

real moments Bob Dylan by barry feinstein book REAL MOMENTS - BOB DYLAN BY BARRY FEINSTEIN. (3 editions)

record survey Bob Dylan book RECORD SURVEY (BOB DYLAN), by Rob van Estrik.

recorded Dylan book RECORDED DYLAN, by James E. Dorman

recording sessions 1960-1994 hardcover Bob Dylan book RECORDING SESSIONS 1960-1994 (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Clinton Heylin. (2 editions)

recordings releases & bootlegs Dylan 1958-1964 RECORDINGS RELEASES & BOOTLEGS OF BOB DYLAN 1958-1964 (THE), unknown author

the red rose and the briarBob Dylan book RED ROSE AND THE BRIAR (THE), by Stewart P. Bicker

refractions of Bob Dylan hardcover book REFRACTIONS OF BOB DYLAN, by Eugen Banauch. (2 editions and 1 pre-publication cover)

restless pilgrim Bob Dylan book RESTLESS PILGRIM, by Scott M.Marshall with Marcia Ford.

re-transmission Bob Dylan book RE-TRANSMISSIONS (BOB DYLAN), by Geoff Smiles.

a retrospective Bob Dylan book RETROSPECTIVE (A) (BOB DYLAN), by Craig McGregor (7 editions and a publisher's proof)

Retrospectum Shanghai 2019 Bob Dylan book RETROSPECTUM , Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

revised notes on Bob Dylan book REVISITED NOTES ON BOB DYLAN, by Scott F. Parker.

revolution in the air the songs of bob dylan volume 1 1957-73 clinton heylin booklet REVOLUTION IN THE AIR - THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN: 1957-73, by Clinton Heylin. (4 editions and an uncorrected proof)

rhythm riots and revolution Bob Dylan book * RHYTHM, RIOTS AND REVOLUTION - THE COMMUNIST MUSIC MASTER PLAN, by Rev. David A. Noebel.

riddles for fans of bob dylan book RIDDLES FOR FANS OF BOB DYLAN, by Daniel Botkin

rightwing Bob weberman book RIGHTWING BOB, by A.J. Weberman.

the road unwinds 1990 concerts Bob Dylan book ROAD UNWINDS (THE) - BOB DYLAN'S 1990 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith.

roam this old highway 2014 concerts Bob Dylan book ROAM THIS OLD HIGHWAY - BOB DYLAN'S 2014 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith.

rock and romanticism * ROCK AND ROMANTICISM, several authors. (2 editions)

rock dreams 1973 Bob Dylan book * ROCK DREAMS, by Guy Peellaert (illustrations) and Nik Cohn (text). (13 editions)

rockin'reels Bob Dylan book * ROCKIN' REELS, by Jan Stacy and Ryder Syvertsen

roll on 2013 concerts Bob Dylan book ROLL ON.... - BOB DYLAN'S 2013 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith.

rolling down the road 1996 concerts Bob Dylan book ROLLING DOWN THE ROAD - BOB DYLAN'S 1996 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith.

the rolling stone interviews Bob Dylan book * ROLLING STONE INTERVIEWS (THE), Bob Dylan interview by Jann Wenner. (2 editions, 2 volumes)

the rolling stone record review Bob Dylan book * ROLLING STONE RECORD REVIEW (THE), by the Editors of Rolling Stone

rolling stone the complete covers * ROLLING STONE - THE COMPLETE COVERS, (3 editions).

rolling thunder ken regan Bob Dylan book ROLLING THUNDER - PHOTOGRAPHS BY KEN REGAN

rolling thunder logbook sam shepard Bob Dylan book ROLLING THUNDER LOGBOOK, by Sam Shepard. (6 editions and a pre-publication cover)

romancing the folk Bob Dylan book * ROMANCING THE FOLK, by Benjamin Filene.

roots of the 1969 woodstock festival Bob Dylan book * ROOTS OF THE 1969 WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL, by Weston Blelock and Julia Blelock.

roping off the madman's corner Bob Dylan book ROPING OFF THE MADMAN'S CORNER, by A.J. Weberman and Lucas Wellington.

the rough guide to Bob Dylan nigel willaimson book ROUGH GUIDE TO BOB DYLAN (THE), by Nigel Williamson. (2 editions)


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