eleven outlined epitaphs Bob Dylan book XI OUTLINED EPITAPHS & OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD (BOB DYLAN), Aloes Seloa

1963 the year of the revolution Bob Dylan book * 1963, THE YEAR OF THE REVOLUTION, by Robin Morgan and Ariel Leve.

1989 Bob Dylan didn't have this to sing about book * 1989 - BOB DYLAN DIDN'T HAVE THIS TO SING ABOUT, by J. Clover.

no image available 20/20 OCTOBER 10 1985, ABC News

no image available 21st CENTURY DYLAN: LATE AND TIMELY, several authors

33 revolutions per minute * 33 REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE - A HISTORY OF PROTEST SONGS, by Dorian Lynskey.

decades of Dylan 37 studio album reviews book 6 DECADES OF DYLAN - 37 STUDIO ALBUM REVIEWS (1962-2015), by Charles Templeton.

61 highways revisited Bob Dylan book 61 HIGHWAYS REVISITED - THE ALBUMS OF BOB DYLAN, by Bob Shiel.

69ers jon blake Bob Dylan book * 69ers, by Jon Blake. (2 editions)


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