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a j weberman dylanologist Bob Dylan book A.J. WEBERMAN, DYLANOLOGIST, by John Roberts. (3 variants)

ABOUT MAN & GOD & LAW Bob Dylan book ABOUT MAN & GOD & LAW, by Stephen Daniel Arnoff

absolutely dylan bauldie book ABSOLUTELY DYLAN - AN ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY, by Patrick Humphries and John Bauldie, (US version of OH NO! NOT ANOTHER BOB DYLAN BOOK).


ain't gonna hang no pixel Bob Dylan book AIN'T GONNA HANG NO PIXEL, by Kevin Slattery.

ain't gonna hang no pixel Bob Dylan book ALBUM CLOSE-UP: BOB DYLAN BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, by Chris Wade.

alias anything you please Bob Dylan book ALIAS ANYTHING YOU PLEASE (BOB DYLAN), by Ty Silkman (3 editions)

alias Bob Dylan book ALIAS BOB DYLAN, by Stephen Scobie. (2 editions)

all across the telegraph 1987 hardback Bob Dylan book ALL ACROSS THE TELEGRAPH - A BOB DYLAN HANDBOOK, by Michael Gray and John Bauldie. (2 editions)

all along Bob Dylan book ALL ALONG BOB DYLAN, Edited by Tymon Adamczewski

because his face was brown Bob Dylan book "ALL BECAUSE HIS FACE WAS BROWN...", by Tobias Gabel. (2 editions)

all dressed up book * ALL DRESSED UP, by Jonathon Green

 All the songs margotin guesdon Bob Dylan book ALL THE SONGS (BOB DYLAN), by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon. (With pre-publication cover and James Brockman binding)

all the way down to italy Bob Dylan in italy 1963-1991 book ALL THE WAY DOWN TO ITALY, by Paolo Vites. (2 editions)

all these people Bob Dylan book ALL THESE PEOPLE, by Jan Joos and Ivan Brackin

always other voices Bob Dylan book ALWAYS OTHER VOICES, by Stephen Scobie.


america oder den tag bob dylan book in German AMERICA OR THE DAY BOB DYLAN DROVE THROUGH SAARBRÜCKEN  by Christof Graf (English and German text)

american dreamland Bob Dylan book  * AMERICAN DREAMLAND, novel by Robert C. Huckins

american pop dachs Bob Dylan book  * AMERICAN POP, by David Dachs

american popular music folk Bob Dylan book AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC - FOLK, by Richard Carlin

and a voice to sing with baez her own story book * AND A VOICE TO SING WITH, by Joan Baez (4 editions)

and forget my name scobie Bob Dylan book AND FORGET MY NAME - A SPECULATIVE BIOGRAPHY OF BOB DYLAN, by Stephen Scobie

and the nobel prize of literature goes to Bob Dylan book AND THE NOBEL PRIZE OF LITERATURE GOES TO... BOB DYLAN?, by Dimitrios P. Naskos

andy warhol's superstar Bob Dylan book ANDY WARHOL'S "SUPERSTAR" EDIE SEGDWICK, THE TRUE HEROINE OF BOB DYLAN'S "BLONDE ON BLONDE"?, by Margarete Suppes.

another side of Bob Dylan maymudes book 2014 ANOTHER SIDE OF BOB DYLAN, by Victor Maymudes. (3 editions, 1 advanced reading copy)

an answer in comic booklet ANSWER IN COMIC (AN)

blowin' in the wind a Bob Dylan lyric quiz ANSWER IS BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (THE) - A BOB DYLAN LYRIC QUIZ, by John Fabian

Anthology Film Archives * ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES

are you ready for the country 2001 Bob Dylan book * ARE YOU READY FOR THE COUNTRY, by Peter Doggett. (2 editions)

around the world 2008 concerts Bob Dylan book AROUND THE WORLD - BOB DYLAN'S 2008 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith

The Art Of Dylan Bob Dylan book ART OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by F.E. Fram

artists of american folk music Bob Dylan book * ARTISTS OF AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC, by William Morrow

as reviewed by Bob Dylan yonder comes sin book AS REVIEWED BY BOB DYLAN - YONDER COMES SIN, by Dr. A.T. Bradford. New title for OUT OF THE DARK WOODS - DYLAN, DEPRESSION AND FAITH (2011).

as the island slowly sank wight Bob Dylan book AS THE ISLAND SLOWLY SANK - BOB DYLAN & THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVALS,  by Derek Barker.

astrology and numerology Bob Dylan book ASTROLOGY AND NUMEROLOGY (BOB DYLAN), by Geoffrey Saxby. 


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