This is copied from the comic part of the Italian book: BOB DYLAN- LE RISPOSTE NEL VENTO IN FORMATO POSTER, by Antonio Tettamanti (text) and Matteo Guarnaccia (drawings), Ottaviano 1980.
    This book is composed of 57 pages of comic and 15 pages of text, all in Italian; the song lyrics are in English.

    The 57 pages of comic plus the frontcover were photocopied and form the “book” BOB DYLAN - AN ANSWER IN COMIC. On these photocopies the Italian text has been erased and replaced by English text. There is no information about who made this private publication, how many copies were made and when.

    Many thanks to Peter Oudejans for the information about this item.

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an answer in comic booklet
Two-hole punch, housed in a yellow plastic folder
an answer in comic booklet
black Clip Binder

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