bob dylan reads Disc 1966
Bob Dylan reads 'Disc', 1966 / reads 'Clasificado' (Danny Clinch), 1999

    Bob Dylan quickly became a symbol for a whole generation: each step of his career was saluted by worldwide magazine cover stories. His photo, or even just his name on the cover was a guarantee to increase the sales, even if the Dylan content was small or totally absent.

    Most of them are music magazines, but not only: Bob Dylan's image was used in numerous domains, such as medicine, economy, religion, art, literature, fashion, and many more...
    These items are all very collectible.

    The interest in Bob Dylan today is higher than ever: just have a look here at the more than 500 newspapers worldwide that reported his Nobel Prize in October 2016...

    Here are all these Bob Dylan cover stories, or at least all those we know: please contribute
by sending new scans, or larger where needed, and information.

    The e-magazines are not presented here: this is 'The Bob Dylan PAPER site'.



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