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  Sorted by languages (35 so far) here are all the books and booklets, official and private publications worldwide, dedicated to Bob Dylan or having enough material inside about him to interest the fan.

  The collector will find here all kind of information regarding Dylan books: title, date of publication, author's and publisher's names, comments and ISBN. Not only English language and translations, but original books from more than 50 countries, show the importance of Bob Dylan in the cultural world -but not only.

  If he is now a monument, celebrated and honoured everywhere, it has not always been so in the past: harsh criticism has been made of his voice, his artistic and political choices, etc... Throughout the years, these books are the expression of these critics, admiration, and even adoration for him.

  Whether they wrote a few stapled or hundreds of pages with hardcover, the authors of these books are, just like us, fascinated by their subject.

  This site is dedicated to them, and of course to Bob Dylan and his music, the soundtrack of our lives.

  Make You Feel My Love Japanese CD (2019), inside of front insert:
Make you fell my love inner booklet

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