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samuel beckett and bob dylan book SAMUEL BECKETT AND BOB DYLAN, by Kerry Atkinson.

sanat the lyrics 1961-2010 Bob Dylan book SANAT THE LYRICS 1961-2010, by Bob Dylan.

saved! the gospel speeches Bob Dylan book SAVED! - THE GOSPEL SPEECHES, by Bob Dylan. (3 variants).

seeing the real you at last britta lee shain Bob Dylan book SEEING THE REAL YOU AT LAST - LIFE AND LOVE ON THE ROAD WITH BOB DYLAN, by Britta Lee Shain.

a selected bibliography Bob Dylan book SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY (A), (BOB DYLAN), Library of Congress.

self-portraits, Bob Dylan book SELF-PORTRAITS, by Nick de Ville.

series of dreams the visions of Bob Dylan book SERIES OF DREAMS - THE VISION SONGS OF BOB DYLAN, by John Burns.

seven days england october 1987 Bob Dylan book SEVEN DAYS - ENGLAND-OCTOBER 1987, by John Lindley.

shelter from the storm sid griffin Bob Dylan book SHELTER FROM THE STORM - BOB DYLAN'S ROLLING THUNDER YEARS, by Sid Griffin.

side by side heller Bob Dylan book SIDE BY SIDE... WITH BOB DYLAN, by Gudrun Heller. (2 variants)

simple twisyt of fate andy gill Bob Dylan book SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE (A) - BOB DYLAN AND THE MAKING OF BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, by Andy Gill. (2 editions and 1 advanced reading copy)


the singing life of bob dylan SINGING LIFE OF BOB DYLAN (THE) by Bruce T. Paddock - myWorld Social Studies

the singles of Bob Dylan nick kniola book SINGLES OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Nick Kniola.

six unreleased songs SIX UNRELEASED SONGS FROM SEPTEMBER 1971, by Bob Dylan, tape transcription by Stephen Pickering.

six unreleased songs * SIXTIES ROCK LEGENDS - ON STAGE BACK STAGE, by Bent Rej.

skipping reels of rhyme Bob Dylan book SKIPPING REELS OF RHYME, by John Howells. (2 editions)

sloughing towards big pink Bob Dylan book * SLOUGHING TOWARDS BIG PINK by Adrian Smith.

slow train coming 1979 gerhard jansen Bob Dylan book SLOW TRAIN COMING, by Todd Almond.

slow train coming Todd Almond Bob Dylan book SLOW TRAIN COMING 1979, compiled by Gerhard Jansen, (2 variants).

slowly into autumn Bob Dylan book SLOWLY INTO AUTUMN, by Stephen Scobie.

small town talk barney hoskyns Bob Dylan book * SMALL TOWN TALK, by Barney Hoskyns. (3 editions, with title variants)

so far away from home 2009 concerts Bob Dylan book SO FAR AWAY FROM HOME - BOB DYLAN'S 2009 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

so many roads 1995 concerts Bob Dylan book SO MANY ROADS - BOB DYLAN'S 1995 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

some other kinds of songs Bob Dylan book SOME OTHER KINDS OF SONGS.... - I'M NOT THERE {1986}, A Knaff Production.

some other tendencies Bob Dylan book SOME OTHER TENDENCIES, by Dave Percival.

song and art man the art of Bob Dylan michael gray book 1972 hardback SONG AND DANCE MAN - THE ART OF BOB DYLAN, by Michael Gray. (10 editions and an author's proof)

song of leonard cohen * SONG OF LEONARD COHEN (THE), by Harry Rasky

song of the north country Bob Dylan book SONG OF THE NORTH COUNTRY - A MIDWEST FRAMEWORK TO THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN, by David Pichaske

the songs he did not write Bob Dylan book SONGS HE DIDN'T WRITE (THE) - BOB DYLAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, by Derek Barker, with 2020 supplement.

songs of the underground Bob Dylan book SONGS OF THE UNDERGROUND - ROLLING THUNDER REVUE, by Les Kokay (4 editions).

sounds of social change Bob Dylan book * SOUNDS OF SOCIAL CHANGE (THE), by R. Serge Denisoff and Richard A. Peterson.

special blackbushe souvenir Bob Dylan book SPECIAL BLACKBUSHE SOUVENIR, by Vittorio Columbo.

spellbinding sogwriter Bob Dylan book SPELLBINDING SONGWRITER, by Nathan Aaseng.

a spiritual life Bob Dylan book SPIRITUAL LIFE (A) (BOB DYLAN), by Scott Marshall. (3 editions)

squeal stories poems Bob Dylan book * SQUEAL - STORIES POEMS & SKETCHES INSPIRED BY THE ART OF BOB DYLAN by J.R. Stokes.

stay out of the joint 2015 concerts Bob Dylan book STAY OUT OF THE JOINT - DYLAN'S 2015 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith

staying up for days in the hotel chelsea Bob Dylan book author asshole STAYING UP FOR DAYS IN THE... HOTEL CHELSEA, by Dick Verschuur

stealing Dylan from woodstock book STEALING DYLAN FROM WOODSTOCK, by Ray and Caroline Foulk

step into the arena Bob Dylan book STEP INTO THE ARENA - TOUR EIGHTY FOUR, White Rose Publications

steppin' out Bob Dylan book STEPPIN' OUT, by Val and Brian Lawman

still on the road 1991 concerts Bob Dylan book STILL ON THE ROAD - BOB DYLAN'S 1991 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

still on the road 1974-2006 clinton heylin Bob Dylan book STILL ON THE ROAD - THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN 1974-2006, by Clinton Heylin. (4 editions)

stolen moments the ultimate reference book Bob Dylan STOLEN MOMENTS (BOB DYLAN) - THE ULTIMATE REFERENCE BOOK, by Clinton Heylin. (2 editions and an editor's proof)

the stone keeps rolling Bob Dylan book STONE KEEPS ROLLIN... (THE), thesis by Mara González de Ozaeta.

stories done Bob Dylan book * STORIES DONE - WRITINGS ON THE 1960s AND ITS DISCONTENTS, by Mikal Gilmore.

story behind the protest song Bob Dylan book * STORY BEHIND THE PROTEST SONG, by Hardeep Phull.

strangers and prophets volume 1 phill townsend Bob Dylan book STRANGERS AND PROPHETS (BOB DYLAN), by Phill Townsend. (4 volumes)

street legal in english Bob Dylan book STREET LEGAL, by Jochen Markhorst. (2 editions)

stuck inside of mobile boni Bob Dylan book STUCK INSIDE OF MOBILE (WITH A RHAPSODY FOR BOB DYLAN), by Claude-Angèle Boni.

studies in modern english Bob Dylan book STUDIES IN MODERN MUSIC (BOB DYLAN), by Tim Dowley and Barry Dunnage. Same book as FROM A HARD RAIN TO A SLOW TRAIN.

 studio a the Bob Dylan reader book STUDIO A - THE BOB DYLAN READER by Benjamin Hedin. (2 editions and an advanced reading copy)

subterranean homesick blues a lively learning guide Bob Dylan book SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES - BOB DYLAN - A LIVELY LEARNING GUIDE, by Shmoop.

sun city the making of the record Bob Dylan book * SUN CITY - THE MAKING OF THE RECORD, by Dave Marsh.

superhuman crew Bob Dylan book SUPERHUMAN CREW (THE) - PAINTING BY JAMES ENSOR, LYRIC BY BOB DYLAN, The J.Paul Getty Museum.

Surviving in A Ruthless world Bob Dylan book SURVIVING IN A RUTHLESS WORLD, by Terry Gans.


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