For three months, beside each new item is noted the date of its addition to the page:
                                                                        [0922] means September 2022,
                                                                        [1022] means October 2022,
                                                                        [1122] means November 2022.

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  What does bob dylan paper site image mean, and what are the rules -if any?
  The condition to be referenced here is: "document related to Bob Dylan printed on paper"; the virtual publications (kindles) are therefore not listed. The items on the website are sorted in six main categories:

  -The BOOKS section presents all known items published on Bob Dylan worldwide, with all their editions, sorted by language. A list of titles and authors is presented on each 'language page', from which you can, by a click, get full details and large scans of every item. As an help to identify various editions, the ISBN (International Standard Book Number), when known, is noted for each item. To find a book on the Internet from its ISBN (with Google), you will often have to remove the hyphens or the points between the numbers.
  The * asterisked books are not entirely devoted to Bob Dylan, but have enough about him inside to deserve a room in a Bob Dylan books collection, or interest the Dylan fan.
  Some books listed here are not really 'Dylan books', but are 'Dylan-connected' -to his work or personal life- in a non obvious but quite real way: type 'indirect connection' in the Search to find them.
  The pre-publication covers do not really exist; they are only shown here to illustrate the life of the book, especially when the pre-cover was very different from the published edition: sometimes even the author's name was wrong!...

  -The PRESS section presents all known front covers worldwide entirely or partially dedicated to Bob Dylan or with his image on it, -not just his name-. Here are only front (or back) covers, no clippings. Collections of Bob Dylan clippings can be seen here and, among other artists, there.
  The number of pages dedicated to Bob Dylan, when known, is noted in brackets for each magazine.

  The 14 OCTOBER 2016 NOBEL PRIZE OF LITERATURE ANNOUNCEMENT had such a massive press coverage that it deserved a special section: see the link on top of the Press list.

  -The FANZINES pages are as complete as possible, so are the PROGRAMMES and SONGBOOKS sections; print-on-demand sheets music can be bought over the Internet for most of Bob Dylan's songs: they are not presented here.

  -The ODDS & ENDS part gathers all that does not fit with the precedent categories. Dylan ticket stubs, concert posters and Dylan postcards, though obviously made of paper, have their own dedicated websites and are not presented here.

  IMAGES: If there is only one picture on a page, it is displayed as a large size (750 pixels or higher) -if available. When there are several items, in order to keep a unity on the page, they are presented as 300 pixels high images, most of them enlargeable by a click. Some scans are missing or can be improved: please contribute!

  DISPLAY: This website, with its large images, is built for computers. Some back covers or inside pictures are only visible if you pass your pointer over the fronts: you will unfortunately lose this effect on tablettes and smartphones... please avoid them if you can.

Come Writers And Critics small logo has of course no copyright on the images displayed on the website, but if you use them -or the comments and information-, please credit CWAC and its url, thank you.


new morning image OH THE HISTORY BOOKS TELL IT...

  The first version (#1.0) of Come Writers And Critics small logo was put online in 1996. It was just a list of Bob Dylan books, sorted by languages and illustrated by small not enlargeable vignettes: there was no ADSL at that time, and large images took a long time to load. Starting with the webmaster's own books collection, the lists quickly grew, thanks to the contribution of visitors and friends. The website was then extended to Magazines, Fanzines, Programmes, Songbooks, and later came the Odds & Ends section. It was regularly updated, but stayed for years in that form.

  Everything changed fall 2016 when an attempt to turn the website into a database was cancelled, as the person who initially offered to 'help me for free' finally asked money, locked me out of the website and published for a time my work elsewhere under his name! He has now left the 'Dylan community' and nobody regrets him.

  But the experience was not totally negative, as it made me realise that it was possible to create a much better website than what existed: this is the current version, put on line in August 2017.

  PLEASE tell me if you find anything wrong in the pages: broken links, typos, or anything needing any kind of correction.

  This is version #2 of Come Writers And Critics small logo, if we forget the sad 2016 failure. It would not have been possible without the help and advices of John Baldwin and Peter Oudejans.

  Important changes have been done through the years on the website:

        1.0 -List of books sorted by language with small images; then also magazines, fanzines, programmes...
        2.0 -Whole website: large scans or enlargeable images,
        2.1 -Books section: individual pages created for each title,
        2.2 -Books section: shortened lists of titles for each language, with links to a detailed page for each title,
        2.3 -Magazines list sorted by languages,
        2.3.1 -Magazines list reorganised,
        2.3.2 -Fanzines and Programmes lists reorganised
        2.3.3 -General simplification for a better display of information -Details and information on items have been added. They are now located above the pictures.



  A lot of people have contributed for years, or even decades, to Come Writers And Critics small logo by sending scans and information. They are not always mentioned on every page they helped to improve, but here are their names:

  Many thanks to: Susanna Agati, Analoguer, Lars M. Banke, Martin Barrack, Clive Barrett, John Bauldie, Gökalp Baykal, Guido Bieri, Daniel Biesemans, Olaf Boehme, Hans Bosch, Philippe Bouvier, Giorgio Brianese, Andrea Brillo, Paolo Brillo, Hanns-Peter Bushoff, Randy Chase, Xavier Cunillera, Marco Demel, Renaud Depierreux, Arie de Reus, Anneke Derksen, Wiebke Dittmer, Martin en Roos, Manfred Endtner, Hilda Fernhout, Alan Fraser, Michael Gray, Juris Grinbergs, Federico Guglielmi, François Guillez, Jeremy Heist, Ger Hemel, Gijsbert Hinnen, Knut Högvall, Antonio Iriarte, Jürgen Jahreis, Thomas Jansen, Artur Jarosinski, Cherie Jarry, Magne Karlstad, Masato Kato, Andrew Keeble, Jeff Klepper, Peter Koehler, Les Kokay, Catherine Lapierre, Patricia Lapierre, Kristine Lebreton, Larves, Ferdinand Lubberts, Ivana Lukic, Edvard Lysne, Mike McGarr, Sergio Mariano Romay, Tino Markworth, Scott Marshall, Daniel Martin, Jean-Pierre Mercier, Serge Mironneau, Ed Newman, Itsuko Nishimura, Michael O'Shea, George Orr, Stephen Pickering, Pascual Piles Aracil, Yann Pinguet, Joseph Pohlschneider, Dominique Poisson, Paula Radice, Rick Rann, Hank Reineke, Eduardo Ricardo, George Rothe, Gerd Rundel, Robert Schlockoff, Shep, Jon Sievert, Ray Stavrou, Erik Svenson, Marcel Touati, Paolo Vites, Tom Willems, Martin Williams, Paul Williams, Jens Winter, Ian Woodward, Ross Wylde, Shane Youl, May Ziade, Matthew and Mieko Zuckerman for their great scans, information and help.

  Special thanks to Peter Oudejans, who gave me access to his impressive lists, sent so many scans and corrected so many mistakes, Christian Fiot, Wil Gielen and Jürgen Wasser, the best 'scan hunters' ever, and to the late John Baldwin for his regular and invaluable contributions... John, we really miss you a lot.

  And a great thank you to Wikipedia, with congratulations for its encyclopaedic knowledge, neither useless nor pointless.

  Technical help on this version of the website Smartpub and Sébastien Manenti. Sitemap generated by XML Sitemap Generator.


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