These books come from Turkey.

Thank you to Gökalp Baykal, author of three of them, for the scans and information.


anilar-chronicles dylan book in Turkish ANILAR - BIRINCI CILT, by Bob Dylan (Chronicles - Volume One).

bob dylan gokalp baykal book in Turkish BOB DYLAN, by Gökalp Baykal.

bir sarki irma Dylan book in Turkish BOB DYLAN - BIR ŞARKI IRMAĞI, by Gökalp Baykal.

bob dylan cevabi esen ruzgarda book in Turkish BOB DYLAN - CEVABI ESEN RÜZGARDA, by Kivanc Bilgin.

mike marqsee wicker messenger dylan book in Turkish BOB DYLAN - HAYIRSIZ PEYGAMBER, by Mike Marqusee.

polizzotti highway 61 revisited dylan book in Turkish BOB DYLAN - HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED, by Mark Polizzotti.

siirler dylan book in Turkish BOB DYLAN ŞIIRLER, (Poems), by Mustafa Yilmazer and Fahri Oz.

sonsuz dek gencylan book in Turkish BOB DYLAN SONSUZA DEK GENÇ, by Gökalp Baykal.

bob dylan sözler book in Turkish BOB DYLAN SÖZLER 1961-2012, by Bob Dylan

bob dylan ve allen ginsberg in amerikasi book in Turkish BOB DYLAN VE ALLEN GINSBERG' IN AMERIKASI, by Sean Wilentz.

cennetin kapisinda bob dylan book in Turkish CENNETIN KAPISINDA - HIKA YELERIYLE BOB DYLAN ŞARKILARI, by Berk Kuruçay.

kayitlar-chronicles dylan book in Turkish KAYITLAR - BIRINCI CILT, by Bob Dylan (Chronicles - Volume One).

kenardaki milyonerler dylan book in Turkish * KENAYARKI MILYONERLER.

kis hasadi dylan book in Turkish KIŞ HASADI, BOB DYLAN'DAN MEVLÂNÂ'YA, by Shems Friedlander.

songs of freedom in the world from ahmet kaya to bob dylan book in Farsi در باره نويسنده : بي‌شک کمتر کسي است که احمد کايا (MAJOR VOICES FOR LIBERTY IN THE WORLD - FROM AHMET KAYA TO BOB DYLAN), by Bahram Rahmani. (In Farsi, with some text in Turkish)

bob dylan nobel konuşması book in Turkish NOBEL KONUŞMASI, by Bob Dylan, (The Nobel Lecture).

tarantula bob dylan book in Turkish TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan (2 editions).

  Turkish is the most widely spoken of the Turkic languages, with around 10–15 million native speakers in Southeast Europe (mostly in East and Western Thrace) and 60–65 million native speakers in Western Asia (mostly in Anatolia). Outside Turkey, significant smaller groups of speakers exist in Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern Cyprus, Greece, the Caucasus, and other parts of Europe and Central Asia.

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