the band last waltz 40th Bob Dylan book LAST WALTZ 40TH (THE), included in the DeLuxe edition box set

late nights with Bob Dylan book LATE NIGHTS WITH BOB DYLAN, by Tony Marsico with Gideon Potter.

laurel wreath for Bob Dylan book LAUREL WREATH FOR BOB DYLAN (A), by Don Lee

lead belly woody guthrie Bob Dylan and america folk outlaw performance  book * LEAD BELLY, WOODY GUTHRIE, BOB DYLAN AND AMERICAN FOLK OUTLAW PERFORMANCE by Damian A. Carpenter (2 covers).


legends, icons and rebels Bob Dylan book * LEGENDS, ICONS & REBELS - MUSIC THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, by Robbie Robertson, Jim Guerinot, Sebastian Robertson and Jared Levine.

legends of rock Bob Dylan book * LEGENDS OF ROCK, by Gordon Matthews, Marjorie Galen.

life magazine 2012 hardcover Bob Dylan cover story LIFE, Special issues (mooks). 5 issues

life and times of an american icon Bob Dylan book LIFE AND TIMES OF AN AMERICAN ICON (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Michael A. Schuman.

a life in stolen moments heylin hardcover Rand McNally 1996 Bob Dylan book LIFE IN STOLEN MOMENTS (A) - BOB DYLAN DAY BY DAY: 1941-1995, by Clinton Heylin. (2 editions)

life on the tracks Bob Dylan's songs Guido Bieri LIFE ON THE TRACKS - BOB DYLAN'S SONGS, by Guido Bieri.

light come shining Bob Dylan book LIGHT COME SHINING - THE TRANSFORMATIONS OF BOB DYLAN, by Andrew McCarron. (With an uncorrected proof)

like a bullet of light Bob Dylan book LIKE A BULLET OF LIGHT - THE FILMS OF BOB DYLAN, by C.P. Lee. (With a pre-publication cover)

like a complete unknown the poetry of Bob Dylan John Hinchey, Stealing
Home Press 2002 LIKE A COMPLETE UNKNOWN - THE POETRY OF BOB DYLAN'S SONGS 1961-1969, by John Hinchey

like a rebel wild Bob Dylan book LIKE A REBEL WILD - A STUDY OF BOB DYLAN'S ART, by Jon P.Hooper.

like a rolling stone Bob Dylan at the crossroads book LIKE A ROLLING STONE - BOB DYLAN AT THE CROSSROADS, by Greil Marcus.(5 editions with an uncorrected proof)

like the night cp lee Bob Dylan book LIKE THE NIGHT - BOB DYLAN AND THE ROAD TO THE MANCHESTER FREE TRADE HALL, by C.P. Lee.(2 editions)

lily rosemary andthe jack of hearts Bob Dylan book LILY, ROSEMARY AND THE JACK OF HEART & OTHER POEMS BY BOB DYLAN

listen up! Bob Dylan book * LISTEN UP!, by Mark and Chris Howard.

listener's guide to Bob Dylan's tempest book LISTENER'S GUIDE TO BOB DYLAN'S TEMPEST (A), by Alan J. Weberman

litany Bob Dylan think twice book LITANY DYLAN - THINK TWICE, by Sadi Ranson.

little white wonder songs Bob Dylan book LITTLE WHITE WONDER SONGS (BOB DYLAN), Anti-Rap Society

looking for some answers the Bob Dylan quiz book LOOKING FOR SOME ANSWERS - THE BOB DYLAN QUIZ BOOK Agast Publication. (2 volumes)

love minus zero Pete Brown thesis LOVE MINUS ZERO, by Pete Brown.

love plus zero with limits Bob Dylan book LOVE PLUS ZERO / WITH LIMITS, compiled by Dave Percival.

lyrics 1962-1985 alfred a knopf usa hardback Bob Dylan book LYRICS by Bob Dylan, official publications (12 editions, 2 pre-publication covers and 1 uncorrected proof). For bootleg editions, see here.


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