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The Magic Years * MAGIC YEARS (THE), by Jonathan Taplin

mammoth book of Bob Dylan MAMMOTH BOOK OF BOB DYLAN (THE) - THE FULLEST EVER ANTHOLOGY ..., by Sean Egan.(2 editions)

man gave names to all the animals scott menchin Bob Dylan book MAN GAVE NAMES TO ALL THE ANIMALS, words by Bob Dylan, illustrated by Scott Menchin.

man gave names to all the animals jim arnosky 2010 Bob Dylan book MAN GAVE NAMES TO ALL THE ANIMALS, by Bob Dylan, illustrations Jim Arnosky. (3 editions)

the man in him Bob Dylan book MAN IN HIM (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Ken Brooks.

man in the long black coat Bob Dylan book MAN IN THE LONG BLACK COAT (BOB DYLAN), by Ben Cruickshank.

man on the road bob dylan book in German MAN ON THE ROAD, THE NEVER ENDING TOUR 1988-1999, by Christof Graf.

the man the music the message Bob Dylan book MAN, THE MUSIC, THE MESSAGE (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Don Williams.

mansion on the hill Bob Dylan book * MANSION ON THE HILL (THE), by Fred Goodman (4 editions).

many loves of Bobby Dylan book MANY LOVES OF BOBBY DYLAN (THE), by A.J. Weberman.

masters of the tracks Bob Dylan book MASTER OF THE TRACKS, by Michael Krogsgaard.

the masters Bob Dylan book MASTERS (THE), by Jann S. Wenner.

may your song always be sung Bob Dylan book MAY YOUR SONG ALWAYS BE SUNG, by Joel-Isaiah McIntyre (2 editions).

me, the boat and a guy named bob, Bob Dylan book ME, THE BOAT AND A GUY NAMED BOB, by C.E. Bowman.

meaning of an orange Bob Dylan book MEANING OF AN ORANGE (THE) - POCKET TARANTULA, by Robin Witting

message of love wight festival Bob Dylan book * MESSAGE TO LOVE - THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL 1968-1969-1970, by Brian Hinton.

milestones Bob Dylan book MILESTONES, by Mark Huband.

million dollar bash griffin Bob Dylan book MILLION DOLLAR BASH, by Sid Griffin. (2 editions)

million faces at my feet 1986 tour Bob Dylan book MILLION FACES AT MY FEET (A) - 1986 TRUE CONFESSIONS TOUR.

million miles 1998 Bob Dylan book MILLION MILES - BOB DYLAN ON THE ROAD 1998.  Not Fade Away Productions.

milton glazer graphic design Bob Dylan book * MILTON GLASER GRAPHIC DESIGN, The Overlook Press

minstrels of the dawn Bob Dylan book * MINSTRELS OF THE DAWN, by Jerome L. Rodnitzky. (2 editions)

minutes into hours Bob Dylan book MINUTES ..... INTO HOURS - DYLAN IN BRITAIN 1981, by Ian Woodward.

miss o'dell Bob Dylan book * MISS O'DELL, by Chris O'Dell and Katherine Ketcham, (4 editions and an advanced copy).

mississippi markhorst bob dylan book in English MISSISSIPPI, by Jochen Markhorst.

mixed up confusion Bob Dylan book MIXED UP CONFUSION - THE KROGSGAARD COMPANION, compiled by John Roberts.

the monk's record player Bob Dylan book * MONK'S RECORD PLAYER (THE), by Robert Hudson (2 editions).

more rain unravelled tales Bob Dylan book MORE RAIN UNRAVELLED TALES (THE NIGHTINGALE'S CODE RE-EXAMINED), by Clinton Heylin.

more rock trees book MORE ROCK TREES, by Pete Frame.

Mud In The Stacks Bob Dylan book MOVIN' ALONG - BOB DYLAN'S 2010 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

movin' around 2010 concerts Bob Dylan book MUD IN THE STACKS, by Don McIver.

murder most foul stanley marks * MURDER MOST FOUL, by Stanley J. Marks (related book, 2 editions).

music a social experience Bob Dylan book * MUSIC: A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE, by Steven Cornelius and Mary Natvig.

music from big pink niven Bob Dylan book * MUSIC FROM BIG PINK, by John Niven.

music from big pink niven Bob Dylan book * MUSIC LESSONS, by Ivan Kubista.

the music of Bob Dylan chris wade book MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Chris Wade.

the music of Bob Dylan book MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN (THE), X-Asity.

musician in the wind Bob Dylan book MUSICIAN IN THE WIND (BOB DYLAN), Filiquarian Publishing.

musicians composers of the 20th century Bob Dylan book * MUSICIANS & COMPOSERS OF THE 20th CENTURY, by Alfred William Cramer.

my back pages garrett Bob Dylan book MY BACK PAGES (DYLAN), by B. Garrett.

my back pages garrett Bob Dylan book * MY DAYS WITH THE DOORS AND OTHER STORIES, by Doug Lubahn.

my Greenwich Village Bob Dylan book * MY GREENWICH VILLAGE, by Terri Thal.

my life in garbologyBob Dylan book MY LIFE IN GARBOLOGY, by A.J. Weberman.

mysteries in the music book * MYSTERIES IN THE MUSIC: CASE CLOSED, by Jim Berkenstadt

mysteriously saved green cover Bob Dylan book MYSTERIOUSLY SAVED, by John Ledbury. (4 different colours)

mystery train Bob Dylan book * MYSTERY TRAIN, by David Wojahn.

myth of popular culture Bob Dylan book * MYTH OF POPULAR MUSIC (THE), FROM DANTE TO DYLAN, by David Wojahn.


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