flag uk MUSIC FROM BIG PINK, by John Niven

   "MUSIC FROM BIG PINK is a moving book that succeeds not just in vividly evoking its time and place but in distilling one young man's cliched and minor destiny into something approaching tragedy....This well-written first novel captures not just some of the dreams of that bygone era, but the way those dreams died." -Greg Kamiya, The New York Times book review MUSIC FROM BIG PINK is faction: real people like Richard Manuel, Rick Danko, Bob Dylan and Albert Grossman rub shoulders with fictional characters and actual, documented events thread their way through text alongside imagined scenarios. Through the eyes of 23-year-old Greg Keltner, drug-dealer and wannabe musician, we witness the gestation and birth of a record that will go on to cast its spell across five decades.


music from big pink niven Bob Dylan book
Continuum Books 33 1/3, London, 2012, 160 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0826417718.
music from big pink niven hardcover Bob Dylan book
"With a new introduction by the author and a foreword by Barney Hoskyns". Bloomsbury Circus 2018, 192 pages, hardcover.ISBN 978-1526604453.


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