These books are all from Poland:

bob Dylan flowers edit 1989 with flexi book in Polish BOB DYLAN, Flowers Edit. 1989.

Piosenki W. Przekładzie and M. Zgaińskiego Dylan book in Polish BOB DYLAN, songs translated by M. Zgaińskiego.

autostrada do stawy bob dylan book in Polish BOB DYLAN - AUTOSTRADĄ DO SŁAWY , by Howard Sounes.

bob dylan duszny kraj book in Polish BOB DYLAN - DUSZNY KRAJ, by Bob Dylan.

Ilustrowana-biografia-ch-rushby bob dylan book in Polish BOB DYLAN - ILUSTROWANA BIOGRAFIA, by C. Rushby.

droga bez konca collage bob dylan book in Polish DYLAN - DROGA BEZ KOŃCA, by Clinton Heylin.

dylan i cohen poeci rocka dylan book in Polish DYLAN I COHEN - POECI ROCKA, by David Boucher.

kim jest bob dylan? book in Polish KIM JEST BOB DYLAN?, by Jim O'Connor

kroniki tom 1 dylan book in Polish KRONIKI - TOM 1, (Chronicles Volume 1), by Bob Dylan. (2 editions)

tarantula bob dylan book in Polish TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan.

trubadurzy rocka dylan book in Polish TRUBADURZY ROCKA, CD/book.

  Polish is a West Slavic language spoken primarily in Poland and is the native language of the Poles. Polish is the official language of Poland, but it is also used by Polish minorities in other countries. There are over 50 million Polish language speakers around the world and it is one of the official languages of the European Union. Its written standard is the Polish alphabet, which has 9 additions to the letters of the basic Latin script (ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż).

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