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i contain multitudes Bob Dylan book I CONTAIN MULTITUDES, by Jochen Markhorst.

i crossed that river 2011 concerts Bob Dylan book I CROSSED THAT RIVER - BOB DYLAN'S 2011 CONCERTS, by John Wyvill and Mike Wraith.

i got a song the story of the newport festival Bob Dylan book * I GOT A SONG - A HISTORY OF THE NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL, by Rick Massimo.

i got nothin' to say talkin' Bob Dylan 1984 book I GOT NOTHIN' TO SAY, -'SPECIALLY ABOUT WHATEVER WAS - TALKIN' BOB DYLAN 1984

i just write them as they come Bob Dylan book I JUST WRITE 'EM AS THEY COME, by Tim Dunn.

i'm gone 2007 concerts Bob Dylan book I'M GONE - BOB DYLAN'S 2007 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith.

i'm not there Bob Dylan book I'M NOT THERE , by Noah Tsika.

i've been shooting in the dark too long Bob Dylan book I'VE BEEN SHOOTING IN THE DARK TOO LONG (BOB DYLAN), by John Hume.

i was so much older then, unhjem, Bob Dylan book I WAS SO MUCH OLDER THEN , by Alexander Unhjem.

i can changei swear Bob Dylan book ICONIC BOB DYLAN ALBUMS.

icons warrell Bob Dylan book * ICONS - INTIMATE PORTRAITS, by Denise Warrell. (2 editions)

if dogs run free scott campbell Bob Dylan book IF DOGS RUN FREE, by Bob Dylan, pictures by Scott Campbell

if not for you david walker Bob Dylan book IF NOT FOR YOU, by Bob Dylan, pictures by David Walker.

if there's a original thoughrthere... Bob Dylan book IF THERE’S AN ORIGINAL THOUGHT OUT THERE, I COULD USE IT RIGHT NOW: THE FOLK ROOTS OF BOB DYLAN, by Matthew Zuckerman

the illustrated biography chris rushby Bob Dylan book ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY (THE) (BOB DYLAN) - CLASSIC, RARE AND UNSEEN, by Chris Rushby. (4 editions)

an illustrated discography 1978 Bob Dylan book ILLUSTRATED DISCOGRAPHY (AN) (BOB DYLAN), by Stuart Hoggard & Jim Shields. (2 editions)

illustrated history michael gross hardcover Bob Dylan book ILLUSTRATED HISTORY (AN) (BOB DYLAN), by Michael Gross. (6 editions)

the illustrated record alan rinzler 1978 Bob Dylan book ILLUSTRATED RECORD (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Alan Rinzler. (2 editions)

images and assorted facts Bob Dylan book IMAGES AND ASSORTED FACTS - A PEEK BEHIND THE PICTURE FRAME, by Gavin Diddle.

images of Bob Dylan jeremy mason book IMAGES OF BOB DYLAN, by Jeremy Mason.

Bob important words Dylan book IMPORTANT WORDS - BOB DYLAN, by H.A. Stockum

in Dylan's town a fan's life book IN DYLAN TOWN - A FAN'S LIFE, by David Gaines.

in jersey anything is legal Bob Dylan in the usa and canada 1986-1998 book IN JERSEY ANYTHING'S LEGAL, by John Hume

Bob Dylan in print by Bert Cartwright IN PRINT (BOB DYLAN), by Bert Cartwright

in the spotlight so clear Bob Dylan book IN THE SPOTLIGHT SO CLEAR by John Hume.

inside cave hollywood Bob Dylan book * INSIDE CAVE HOLLYWOOD, by Harvey Kubernik

inspirations Bob Dylan book INSPIRATIONS, by Bob Dylan.

intimate insights from friends and fellow musicians omnibus 2007 Bob Dylan book INTIMATE INSIGHTS FROM FRIENDS AND FELLOW MUSICIANS (BOB DYLAN) by Kathleen Mackay. (3 editions, with different subtitles)

invisible republic marcus 1997 hardback Bob Dylan book INVISIBLE REPUBLIC - BOB DYLAN'S BASEMENT TAPES, by Greil Marcus. (7 editions and 1 pre-publication copy)

invisible now jon hugues Bob Dylan book INVISIBLE NOW: BOB DYLAN IN THE 1960s, by John Hughes.

isaiah for guitar witting Bob Dylan book ISAIAH ON GUITAR - A GUIDE TO JOHN WESLEY HARDING, by Robin Witting. (2 editions, with slightly different titles)

isis a Bob Dylan anthology hardcover book ISIS - A BOB DYLAN ANTHOLOGY, edited by Derek Barker. (3 editions)

it ain't me babe Bob Dylan and the performance of authenticity book IT AIN'T ME, BABE - BOB DYLAN AND THE PERFORMANCE OF AUTHENTICITY, by Andrea Cossu. (3 editions)

it ain't me babe dylan santana and more Bob Dylan book IT AIN'T ME, BABE - DYLAN, SANTANA AND MORE - IMPRESSIONS OF THE EUROPEAN TOUR '84, Barbara and Angela Dierks

it ain't me babe great artists sing the songs of Bob Dylan book IT AIN'T ME BABE - GREAT ARTISTS SING THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN, collected by Anton and Bert Bohnen.

the italian masterpiece gww a twenty record bootleg box Bob Dylan book ITALIAN MASTERPIECE (THE) - GWW - A TWENTY RECORDS BOOTLEG BOX! compiled by Jos Pots and Ap Daalmeyer.


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