flag usa I'M NOT THERE, by Noah Tsika

   This is an examination of director Todd Haynes and his Bob Dylan biopic.
Noah Tsika eloquently characterizes all the ways that Dylan and Haynes harmonize in their methods and sensibilities, interpreting the rule-breaking film as a biography that refuses chronology, disdains factual accuracy, flirts with libel, and cannibalizes Western cinema.
   Fitting the film’s inspiration, creation, and reception alongside its continuing afterlife, Tsika examines Dylan’s music in the film through the context of intellectual property, raising questions about who owns artistic material and artistic identities and how such material can be reused and repurposed.
   Tsika’s adventurous analysis touches on gender, race, queerness, celebrity, popular culture, and the law, while offering much to Haynes and Dylan fans alike.

21st Century Films Essentials, University of Texas Press (November 14, 2023), paperback, 208 pages.
ISBN 978-1477328378. Thank you to Knut Högvall for the information.

i'm not there' Bob Dylan book


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