israel flag ISRAELI BOB DYLAN BOOKS - ספרים ישראלים

These books are in Hebrew, they come from Israel.


בוב דילן , Bob Dylan book in Hebrew בוב דילן, by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara (text) and Conrad Roset (illustrations).

כרוניקות נפח 1, Chronicles Dylan book in Hebrew כרוניקות - חלק 1, by Bob Dylan (Chronicles - Volume One).

תמיד צעיר Forever Young Dylan book in Hebrew תמיד צעיר (Forever Young), text by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Paul Rogers.

  Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic language native to Israel, spoken by over 9 million people worldwide. Historically, it is regarded as the language of the Israelites and their ancestors. Hebrew belongs to the West Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family. It is the only living Canaanite language left, and the only truly successful example of a revived dead language.
  Modern Hebrew is the official language of the State of Israel, while premodern Hebrew is used for prayer or study in Jewish communities around the world today.

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