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   "Originally written as background material for Time magazine, this is a collection of personality profiles of Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Steve Martin, Paul Newman, Nastassia Kinski, Bob Dylan, Oliver Stone, and Michael Jackson. Each piece starts with a short introduction; then varying amounts of information are proffered by the star and/or the author and other sources, from Spielberg who does all the talking to Jackson who never speaks at all."

- INTIMATE PORTRAITS, introduction by Otto Friedrich, Atlantic Monthly Pr. 1989, USA and Canada. 270 pages, hardcover, 14 pages on Bob Dylan with an interview.
Below are two different editions, one is from the USA, the other probably from Canada. Both have ISBN 978-0871133069. Thank you to Knut Högvall for the information. [0224]

icons intimate portraits Bob Dylan book
icons intimate portraits Bob Dylan book
Canada (?)


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