flag uk * MURDER MOST FOUL! by Stanley J. Marks

    This book is strongly related to the Bob Dylan song that became available in March 2020. 149 pages plus postscript at rear.
    Stanley Marks and Murder Most Foul! — A Sequel to “The Kennedy / Dylan Sensation”: you can read here how Rob Couteau reviews this little known and hard to find book and surveys the life and work of its author.

-THE CONSPIRACY THAT MURDERED PRESIDENT KENNEDY. 975 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS, by Stanley J. Marks (related book). Published by A Bureau of Internal Affairs Publication in 1967.

     Published again in 2020, with an Introduction by Rob Couteau, Dominantstar 2020, softcover, 408 pages. ISBN 978-1736004944.
     This new print includes an in-depth biographical essay by Rob Couteau on the author's groundbreaking work and how it may have influenced Dylan. 'With the release of Bob Dylan's ballad,Murder Most Foul, which may have been influenced by Marks' book, interest in the author has been reawakened, largely as a result of Couteau's first article on Marks. More than fifty years after the first publication, the text still resonates with a prescient vision' (Amazon.com). Thank you to Rob Couteau for the information

murder most foul stanley marks
1967 publication
murder most foul stanley marks 2020
2020 publication

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