flag usa * MY GREENWICH VILLAGE, by Terri Thal

   "This is a personal story of the world of folk music in Sixties New York written by a Jewish woman from Brooklyn who, although not a musician, was an intrinsic part of that incredible scene.
   Author Terri Thal grew up in New York City and lived in Greenwich Village where she was very much a part of the vibrant music scene, hanging out with and managing folk singers such as Dave Van Ronk (who later became her husband), The Holy Modal Rounders, Bob Dylan and the fabulous Roche sisters.(...)
  She talked with Dylan and he asked her, ‘Would you get me gigs? Thal booked performances for Dylan at coffee houses, clubs and basket houses and on September 6, 1961, she recorded a set from a young Bob at The Gaslight Café – it is the first known live recording of Dylan’s original songs – known to Dylan fans as the First Gaslight Tape". (Isis #222)

- DAVE, BOB AND ME, by Terri Thal, McNidder and Grace, Carmarthen,Wales 2023, hardcover, 272 pages. ISBN 9780857162489

decades of Dylan 37 studio album reviews book
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decades of Dylan 37 studio album reviews book

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