flag uk * THE MASTERS, by Jann S. Wenner

   "During fifty years of publishing the 'Bible of Rock and Roll', Jann Wenner, 'the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of LIKE A ROLLING STONE', conducted a series of interviews that are now regarded among the most important historical documents of rock.
   Some of these conversations broke headlines—in 1970, his interview with John Lennon exposed the unvarnished tensions that led to the breakup of the Beatles. He gets up-close-and-personal with Bob Dylan, the most singular figure in music who revealed himself to Wenner more openly than to anyone else. And Mick Jagger only trusted one person to publicly interview him about his private life and his backstage account of the world's greatest rock band".

   On 18 September 2023, after Wenner’s sexist and racist remarks about Black and female artists in his interview with the NEW YORK TIMES, the magazine ROLLING STONE took distances with its co-founder's statements: see here.
   Following that interview, Jann Wenner was removed from Rock Hall Board of Directors.

- CONVERSATIONS WITH BONO, DYLAN, GARCIA, JAGGER, LENNON, SPRINGSTEEN AND TOWNSHEND, Little, Brown and Company 2023, hardcover, 368 pages. ISBN 978-0316571050.

the masters Jann S Wenner



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