flag uk * MUSIC LESSONS by Ivan Kubista

    MUSIC LESSONS is a light-hearted chronicle of the author's experiences as a musician, from his fumbling teenage attempts to impress the girls to his evolution as a professional performer. Throughout his humorous descriptions of high school and college life, as well as his professional experience, music provides the thread which stitches all together. As the title suggests, the book is an account of life lessons learned from the experiences. From his first performance in a 9th grade talent show to his immersion in the folk music culture of the sixties, his anecdotes are populated with memorable--and often famous--characters who unknowingly teach him about life.

- BOB DYLAN MADE IT. WHY COULDN'T I?, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014, 134 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-1502555236

MUSIC LESSONS by Ivan Kubista


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