flag uk LISTENING TO BOB DYLAN, by Larry Starr

       LISTENING TO BOB DYLAN (MUSIC IN AMERICAN LIFE) seeks to reposition music and musical performance as central, essential aspects of Bob Dylan's art. Countering the tendency on the part of many scholars, journalists, fans, and casual listeners to regard Dylan primarily or even exclusively as a poet, or as a writer of lyrics, Starr presents Dylan's work as a complete package and a personal, unique synthesis of words, music, and performance. Starr aims to provide an unpretentious guide that will help readers enjoy Dylan's music and music performance to the fullest.

University of Illinois Press (August 30, 2021), 152 pages.

sistening to bob Dylan
Hardcover ISBN 978-0252043956
sistening to bob Dylan
Paperback ISBN 978-0252086021

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