- THE SPIRITUAL BIOGRAPHY OF ROCK AND ROLL "examines wretched excess, self-absorption and miraculous redemption; the book is a raw, sensitive, and unforgettable journey of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and sweet salvation. Author Greg Laurie [see below] traces the lives of rock stars and entertainment figures and legends who wallowed in the decadence of both the high life and low life, as they alternately experienced Heaven and Hell on Earth. He travels with them into their demonic abysses and joyfully chronicles their ultimate ascension to their prodigal moments".

   What is strange about this book, probably written by Greg Laurie, is that it is also advertised on Amazon.com with a slightly different title and another author's name! If Greg Laurie is known as the author of several spiritual books, Bea Watson is completely unknown. Items found on the Internet by Jürgen Wasser.

Lennon Dylan Alice & Jesus
By Greg Laurie and Marshall Terrill,
Salem Books (17 May 2022), hardcover, 256 pages,
ISBN 978-1684512959
Lennon Dylan Alice & Jesus
By Bea Watson
Independently published (13 Aug. 2022),
150 pages

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