flag turkey KAYITLAR / ANILAR - BIRINCI CILT, by Bob Dylan

    There are now two versions of CHRONICLES - VOLUME 1 in Turkish, published by Kara Plak Nisan in Istanbul, both with different translators and titles: KAYITLAR (2017) means 'Records', while ANILAR (2022) means 'Memories'. Both mention the Nobel Prize on the front cover.

kayitlar-chronicles dylan book in Turkish
2017. Translated by Taciser Belge, Nergis Percinel, and Ipek Ruhnaz Üstüner. Softcover, 271 pages.
ISBN 978-605-66407-8-0
kayitlar-chronicles dylan book in Turkish
2022. Translated by Ahmet Ergenç and Ayça Göçmen. Softcover, 245 pages.
ISBN 978-605-672-344-5




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