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20 Minuten, Switzerland
371 Stadtmagazin, Germany
Abendpost Nachtausgabe, Germany
Acoustic Player, Germany
Akustic Gitarre, Germany
Am Wochenende, Germany
Applause, Germany
Arte Magazin, Germany
Back Stage, Austria
Berlin Ticket, Germany
Biografie, Germany
Biograph, Germany
Bravo, Germany
Bremer, Germany
Chatter Box, Germany
City Tele, Austria
Citymag, Germany
Ding (Das), Germany
Dresdner, Germany
DU, Switzerland
E Club, Germany
Eclipsed, Germany
Falter, Austria
FF, Austria
Fiftyfifty, Germany
Folk Magazin, Germany
Fränkische Nacht, Germany
Freie Bürger, Germany
Freie Presse, Germany
Freizeit Kurier, Austria
Gig, Germany  
Good News, Switzerland
Good Times, Germany
Guitar, Germany
Guitar Acoustic, Germany
Guitar Acoustic Legends, Germany
Hannover Live, Germany
Horen (Die), Germany
Hörzu, Radio Aktuell, Germany
Hotcha!, Switzerland
JPC Courier, Germany
Kin Magazine, Germany
Kleine Bund (Der), Switzerland
Kulturnews, Germany
Literaturen, Germany, Germany
Live Frankfurter Hof Mainz, Germany
Live In Concert, Germany
Magascene, Germany
Magazin (Das), Switzerland
Melos, Germany
Münchner Stadt Zeitung, Germany
Musik Express, Germany
Musik Joker, Germany
Musiker Music News, Germany
Musikwoche, Germany
Neue Zeit, Austria
NZ, Austria
OK, Germany
Pop, Germany
Pop, Switzerland
Pop Musik Bucher, Germany
Popular 1, Germany
Poster Press, Germany
Prisma, Germany
Profil, Austria
Projekt Filmprogramm 214, Germany
Radio Magazin, Switzerland
Ray Filmmagazin, Austria
Rennbahn Express, Austria
Rock Dreams, Germany
Rocky, Germany
Rolling Stone, Germany
Schädelspalter, Germany
Sounds, Germany
Spex, Germany
Spotlight, Germany
Stadt Magazin, Germany, Germany
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany
Summer In The City, Germany
Surprise, Switzerland
Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland
Tageszeitung (Die), Germany
TBA, Austria
Ticket, Germany
TR7, Switzerland
Ultimo, Germany
Welt (Die), Germany
Wir, Germany
Worms Publik, Germany
Yorcker (Der), Germany
Zeigefinger, Germany
Zeitmagazin, Germany
Zentralnerv, Germany
Zitty Berlin, Germany
Zounds, Germany

  German is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), the German-speaking Community of Belgium, and Liechtenstein. It is also one of the three official languages of Luxembourg.
  German is the first language of almost 100 million people worldwide and the most widely spoken native language in the European Union. Together with French, German is the second most commonly spoken foreign language in the EU after English, making it the second biggest language in the EU in terms of overall speakers.

  Map of the languages of the world.