by Richard Carlin

   FOLK is a volume in the Facts On File American Popular Music set, which also includes the volumes Blues, Classical, Country, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, and a comprehensive index. This set is designed to provide concise information on genres of music important to U.S. culture, and is written for readers from grades nine and up.
   The FOLK volume includes approximately 400 entries cover personalities, key performances and events, recordings, musical instruments, essential publications in each genre, hit songs, historical and social issues, recording companies, and organizations. Entries are arranged alphabetically, are 100 to 500 words long, and are cross-referenced. Users will also find a selection of photographs of performers, composers, or musical instruments.   
   The appendixes are a chronology of major events arranged by year, a list of selected recordings to supplement the reading, a short selection of Web sites, and DVD and video recordings. Carlin ends the book with a glossary of musical terms and a list of further readings.

american popular music folk Bob Dylan book
Facts On File 2005, hardcover, 286 pages. ISBN 978-0816053131
american popular music folk Bob Dylan book
Checkmark Books 2007, softcover, 286 pages. ISBN 978-0816073405

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