flag uk  A.J. WEBERMAN, DYLANOLOGIST, by John Roberts

    Alan Jules Weberman (born May 26, 1945), better known as A. J. Weberman, is an American writer, political activist, gadfly, and popularizer of the terms "garbology" and "Dylanology". He is best known for his controversial opinions on, and personal interactions with, the musician Bob Dylan. Together with New York folk singer David Peel, Weberman founded the Rock Liberation Front in 1971 with the aim of "liberating" artists from bourgeois tendencies and ensuring that rock musicians continued to engage with and represent the counterculture.
    Through AJ's own writtings, interviews, and articles about him, this is a study of this very special personnality. Private publication.

a j weberman dylanologist blue Bob Dylan book
1995, 110 pages, A4.
a j weberman dylanologist pink Bob Dylan book
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a j weberman dylanologist white Bob Dylan book
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