You may think you know Bob Dylan. But this guitarist and American singer songwriter of folk, rock, and other musical genres lived a more fascinating life than you likely know. For example, did you know Dylan is a trained boxer with a private, state-of-the-art boxing facility?
    Dylan enthusiast and expert Richard B. Westlein uses the rockstar's interest in boxing as the framework for 12 Rounds with Bob Dylan. This narrative nonfiction is a fascinating deep dive into Dylan's life and music, examined through his artistic evolution during 12 windows of time and a fictional boxing storyline woven throughout the text. You'll be enlightened and inspired as you tour the paths this intriguing music artist has traversed.

- THE PUGILISTIC POET, by Richard B. Westlein, - A Narrative Nonfiction, Jupiter Publishing Co. (June 7, 2023), paperback, 304 pages. ISBN 979-8987675106. Thank you to Knut Högvall for the information.

12 Rounds with Bob Dylan book

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