Few photographers had greater access to Bob Dylan than Barry Feinstein. Having taken the iconic photograph that appeared on Bob Dylan's THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' album in 1963, Feinstein was invited to Dylan's European tour of 1966 and US tour of 1974.

    The book has been translated into French,  German and Japanese.

real moments Bob Dylan by barry feinstein book
Foreword by Bob Neuwirth , Vision On, Omnibus Press 2008, 158 pages, hardback.
ISBN 978-1847721051
real moments Bob Dylan by barry feinstein vision on
Vision On, Omnibus Press 2009, 158 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-1847729644

       real moment de luxe book book              real moment de luxe slipcase  slipcase

        real moments Bob Dylan by barry feinstein Bob Dylan deluxe book and photo same, DeLuxe green edition  Genesis Publications 2009. Two different editions, (red or green leather cover), both with gold page edging, cloth-covered slipcase; comes with a 10" x 8" print of Dylan receiving a rose as he exits a 1974 stage. The first 250 copies are numbered, and signed by Barry Feinstein

       real moment de luxe book open same, DeLuxe red edition, Genesis Publications 2009.


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