ROCK DREAMS (in English)

rock dreams 1973 Bob Dylan book * ROCK DREAMS, by Guy Peellaert (illustrations) and Nik Cohn (text), Popular Books Library 1973, NY, paperback.

rock dreams 1974 Bob Dylan book * ROCK DREAMS - UNDER THE BOARDWALK, by Guy Peellaert (illustrations) and Nik Cohn (text), Pan Books Ltd 1974, London. First UK Edition, 146 pages. ISBN 9780330240086

rock dreams 1974 amsterdam Bob Dylan book same, Dutch Edition, second printing 1974 by Uitgeverij De Harmonie, Singel 390, Amsterdam, edited by Walther H. Schünemann, printed in Germany by Druckhaus Meyer Landshut. Text in English.

rock dreams 1976 pan books Bob Dylan book same, Pan Book 1976, 146 pages. ISBN 9780330240086

same, Random House Trade 1982. Hardcover, 150 pages. ISBN 9780394528700.

rock dreams Rogner und Bernhard 1982 ROCK DREAMS - ROCK'N'ROLL FOR YOUR EYES!, Rogner und Bernhard 1982, distributed by Random House, Inc. N.Y. for Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., paperback. German edition, text in English. ISBN 0-394-712000-2 

rock dreams Alfred A Knopf 1982 same, Alfred A. Knopf, 1982. Paperback. ISBN 9780394710006

rock dreams Alfred A Knopf 1982 alternate cover same, alternate cover.

rock dreams picador 1982 ROCK DREAMS - THE SERGEANT PEPPER OF ROCK ART FOR THE PRICE OF AN ALBUM, Picador 1982, softcover, 178 pages. ISBN 9780330269582 

rock dreams Random House Trade 1994 same, Random House Trade 1994. Paperback, 150 pages. ISBN 9780394710006.

rock dreams tashen 2003 Bob Dylan book * ROCK DREAMS Taschen 2003, large format paperback (33,6 x 24,4 cm), translation by Wolfgang Frank, Elisabeth Peellaert and Philippe Paringaux, 230 pages. The text is in English, German and French, so this book is also listed in these other languages on the site. Note that the prices of the baked beans and the beans have changed on this edition. ISBN 978-3822826126.

rock dreams tashen 2003 Bob Dylan book alternate same alternate cover (could be the same as above). ISBN 978-3822826126.

rock dreams tashen 2003 Bob Dylan book other alternate same alternate cover (with original beans prices). ISBN 978-3822826126.