flag uk DYLAN - A BIOGRAPHY, by Bob Spitz

     Bob Spitz provides a dramatic yet clear-eyed view of the enigmatic guru of modern music. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with Dylan's family, friends, lovers and fellow musicians. Spitz presents the true Bob Dylan in a vast array of guises: the early years in small-town Minnesota, when Bobby Zimmerman - loner, gadabout and local weirdo - reinvented himself as Bob Dylan and set out to be a star; his struggle to conquer the night world of Greenwich Village in the early 1960s; the cataclysm that rocked the music world when he went electric; the mad years, when drugs and paranoia corrupted his gospel of peace and love; his flirtations with political causes, born-again Christianity, Orthodox Judaism and the glitter of superstardom.

Dylan spitz uncorrected book Uncorrected proof, 630 pages. No page numbers to contents, no index or photos

Bob Dylan bob spitz book
McGraw-Hill Publishing Company 1989, 639 pages, hardback.
ISBN 0718127463
Dylan matteo michael joseph book
Michael Joseph 1989
ISBN 0718127463

Dylan spitz norton 1991 book
W. W. Norton & Company (New York - London) 1991, paperback, 664 pages. ISBN 9780393307696

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