flag uk * THE DOCTOR & MR. DYLAN

      This is a novel: "Stanford anesthesia professor Dr. Nico Antone believes his son's only chance to get accepted into a prestigious college is for Johnny to graduate at the top of the class in a small rural high school. The doctor leaves his wretched marriage in California to relocate to his boyhood hometown, Hibbing, Minnesota, also the boyhood home of rock legend Bob Dylan. His son becomes a small town academic star while Dr. Antone befriends Bobby Dylan, a nurse anesthetist renamed and reinvented as a younger version of the iconic singer. A love of Bob Dylan's music forms the basis for a tenuous friendship between the two men until Dr. Antone falls in love with Mr. Dylan's wife... "

Novel by Rick Novak, Pegasus books 2014, 290 pages, paperback. ISBN  ‎ 978-1941859025.

The doctor Mr Dylan book


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