flag uk DYLAN DISC BY DISC, by Jon Bream

      DYLAN DISC BY DISC is written by Star Tribune music critic Jon Bream. The book makes you realize how just how many classic albums Dylan has in his arsenal. He has a pretty impressive body of work. As the title suggests, this is an album-by-album commentary on all of Dylan's albums—pairing up a couple of notable fans and insiders per album. They have a little chat, each discussion moderated by Bream.

The book has been translated into Czech, Dutch, Italian and Russian.

Dylan disc by disc book
Voyageur Press 2015, 240 pages
hardcover. ISBN 978-0760346594

Dylan disc by disc olms book
Edition Olms Zurich 2017, 252 pages, hardcover.
Authorized and updated original English Edition
for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
ISBN 978-3-283-01266-3

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