In the 1960s, Schatzberg was at the center of New York City's vibrant cultural sphere, his subjects spanning the generation's great artists, thinkers, and personalities. At the urging of his friends, Schatzberg discovered Dylan's music somewhat late compared to his peers, but instantly understood his genius and charisma upon their first meeting during the recording of Highway 61 Revisited. It was during this pivotal moment in Dylan's career-a turning-point that produced some of the songwriter's most influential work-that Schatzberg fixed his lens on the musician, shaping much of Dylan's image.
     From the iconic Blonde on Blonde cover to candid captures in the recording studio, Schatzberg's vision of Dylan is just as much a vision of an entire era : change in motion.

DYLAN BY SCHATZBERG, by Jerry Schatzberg (photograph), ACC Art Books 2018, hardcover, 262 pages, large size. ISBN 978-1851498932

dylan by schatzberg book in English



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