flag uk DYLAN AT 80

      "2021 marks Dylan's 80th birthday and his 60th year in the music world. It invites us to look back on his career and the multitudes that it contains. Is he a song and dance man? A political hero? A protest singer? A self-portrait artist who has yet to paint his masterpiece? Is he Shakespeare in the alley? The greatest living exponent of American music? An ironsmith? Internet radio DJ? Poet (who knows it)? Is he a spiritual and religious parking meter? Judas? The voice of a generation or a false prophet, jokerman, and thief? Dylan is all these and none."

- IT USED TO GO LIKE THAT, AND NOW IT GOES LIKE THIS, edited by Gary Browning and Constantine Sandis, Imprint Academic (October 5, 2021), paperback, 240 pages. ISBN 978-1788360456.

Dylan at 80


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