flag uk DYLAN IN WOODSTOCK, by Elliott Landy

      DYLAN IN WOODSTOCK is a book of perhaps the most intimate photographs of Bob Dylan ever taken, and a fascinating insight into a period of astonishing creativity, which spawned the legendary Basement Tapes, Harding and Nashville Skyline albums.

      Genesis publication 1999 (on subscription). Hardcover in slipcase, signed by Elliott Landy, 144 pages

 Dylan in woodstock book book       Dylan in woodstock slipcase slipcase      Dylan in woodstock signed book

 Dylan in woodstock deluxe book Deluxe copy. 'Bound in full brown suede leather, to match the same brown suede coat that Bob wore in the cover photographs of three albums, Blonde On Blonde, John Wesley Harding and Nashville Skyline.' Includes 'an original signed and numbered Elliott Landy photographic print featuring an image of Bob Dylan.' Photo and text from Genesis leaflet.

 Dylan in woodstock promo picture photo from Genesis leaflet: this does not seam to really exist.


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