flag usa THE OLD WEIRD AMERICA, by Greil Marcus

      - THE WORLD OF BOB DYLAN'S BASEMENT TAPES. These are reprints of THE INVISIBLE REPUBLIC, Greil Marcus's book on the scores of legendary recordings Bob Dylan and the Band made near Woodstock, New York, in 1967, in the basement of a house called Big Pink - music that remains as seductive and baffling today as it was thirty years ago. Starting with Dylan's historic rock 'n' roll debut at the 1965 Newport folk festival and Dylan and the Band's subsequent tour of the U.S. and Britain in 1966, Marcus re-creates the ferocity and outrage provoked by Dylan's supposed betrayal of folk music and folk values and makes it clear that the basement tapes, secret music never intended for release, were Dylan's response.

      The book with this new title has been translated into Chinese and Italian.

old weird america marcus Bob Dylan book
Picador USA 2001,  paperback, 304 pages. ISBN 9780312420437
old weird america picador 2011 Bob Dylan book
Picador USA 2011, updated edition. ISBN 978-0312572914

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