flag china 老美国志异 / THE OLD, WEIRD AMERICA,
by Greil Marcus

THE OLD, WEIRD AMERICA translated into Chinese.

old weird america Dylan book in Chinese
Nanjing University Press (NJUP) 1991, 1st edition.

old weird america 2007
NJUP 2007, paperback with a separate cover. 'Simplified' version, 226 pages. ISBN 978-7-305-05231-6
old weird america 2018
Yiwen/Shanghai Translation Publishing 2018, hardcover with dustjacket and obi, 342 pages. ISBN 9787532775941
old weird america with obi
same with obi

old weird america discography
A separate 96-page discography comes with this book. ISBN 978-7-5327-7594-1

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