BOB DYLAN - THE LYRICS 1961 - 2012
鲍勃·迪伦诗歌集:爱与偷.1961~2012 - 成华区图书馆

'LYRICS in Potato Chip Bags':

    In May 2017, Guangxi Normal University Press published the first translation of Dylan’s LYRICS into Chinese, and packaged their books in potato chip bags! The collection of eight translated lyrics is called ‘BOB DYLAN THE LYRICS 1961–2012’.

bob dylan lyrics on potato chip bag display bob dylan lyrics on potato chip shelf 1 bob dylan lyrics on potato chip shelf 3
The collection had a special display in the shops: the idea was to recreate the shelves carrying poetry books in the Greenwich Village`s small cafe shops back to the 50's and 60s... Very nice idea indeed.
Thank you to Martin Feng for this information.

    The lyrics are apparently pulled from the comprehensive tome BOB DYLAN: THE LYRICS (1961–2012). The Chinese publisher invited 15 of China’s most esteemed poets and musicians to assist in translating the text -a Chinese reader informs us that 'the translation is really awful'- . The lyrics are divided among eight separate pocket-sized books that come packaged in their own specific chip bag.

    According to the publisher’s website (translated from Chinese into English by Google...), these bags “looks like a bag of potato chips, filled with lyrics set of Bob Dylan’s first Chinese version.” The text goes on to celebrate Dylan’s poetry, and also mentions watercress for some reason.

    But why potato chip bags? Well, because potato chips are the “most popular thing,” of course! According to the Google-translated marketing site: "What is the most popular thing? We chose the “potato chips”. You like [go to] the supermarket in the roar to buy a bag of potato chips, like, torn, bite open, shoot open, cut it. Hope it can go from the bookstore to the streets, appear in the subway, convenience stores, vending machines – extended into people’s lives." (Information: and 

     The collection is presented in a 39 x 20 x 12 cm decorated cardboard suitcase, ISBN 978-7-5495-9704-8:

bob dylan lyrics on potato chip bag #      bob dylan lyrics on potato chip bag spines

    When the box was offered for sale, its announced weight was 450g. The buyers soon received a mail saying that it would be a 5,6 kg parcel, with a price for postage of US$120 instead of $40... (for Europe). Many cancelled their order, founding strange that 8 paperback books reach such a weight...
     The actual weight of the parcel was 2,2kg, and the seller agreed to refund US$59 to those who had paid the unjustified US$120.

bob dylan lyrics on potato chip bags   potato chip bag with a book inside 

     Inside the box are eight potato chip bags which contain the eight books, all of them having a softcover with dustjacket; when the dustjackets are removed, the name 'Bob Dylan' appears on the spines of the books.

    There are 8 different bookmarks in the books. You can see them all here in the Bookmarks section.

    The box also contains an harmonica (see below).

鲍勃·迪伦诗歌集:1961-2012: The books are published by Guangxi Normal University Press, May 2017, they have a softcover with dustjacket:
bob dylan lyrics I Guangxi Normal University Press on potato chip bag
Ⅰ: 暴雨将至 / THE LYRICS 1961-2012 -I -A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (1961-1963). 221 pages. ISBN 978-7-5495-9684-3

bob dylan lyrics II Guangxi Normal University Press on potato chip bag
Ⅱ: 地下乡愁蓝调 / THE LYRICS 1961-2012 -II -Subterranean Homesick Blues (1964-1965). 253 pages. ISBN 978-7-5495-9690-4

bob dylan lyrics Guangxi Normal University Press III on potato chip bag
Ⅲ: 像一块滚石 / THE LYRICS 1961-2012 -III -Like A Rolling Stone (1965-1969). 241 pages. ISBN 978-7-5495-9685-0

bob dylan lyricsGuangxi Normal University Press IV  on potato chip bag
Ⅳ: 敲着天堂的大门 / THE LYRICS 1961-2012 -IV -Knockin' On Heaven's Door (1970-1975). 225 pages. ISBN 978-7-5495-9686-7
bob dylan lyrics Guangxi Normal University Press V on potato chip bag
Ⅴ: 慢车开来 / THE LYRICS 1961-2012 -V -Slow Train Coming (1975-1979). 259 pages. ISBN 978-7-5495-9687-4

bob dylan lyrics Guangxi Normal University Press on potato chip bag VI
Ⅵ: 帝国滑稽剧 / THE LYRICS 1961-2012 -VI -Empire Burlesque (1980-1985). 247 pages. ISBN 978-7-5495-9689-8

bob dylan lyrics Guangxi Normal University Press VII on potato chip bag
Ⅶ: 红色天空下 / THE LYRICS 1961-2012 -VII -Under The Red Sky (1986-1997). 221 pages. ISBN 978-7-5495-9688-1
bob dylan lyrics Guangxi Normal University Press VIII on potato chip bag
Ⅷ: “爱与偷” / THE LYRICS 1961-2012 -VIII -"Love And Theft" (2001-2012). 273 pages. ISBN 978-7-5495-9691-1

    Inside the box is also a (poor quality) harmonica, noted "Bob Dylan The Lyrics 1961-2012" on one side and "Blowin' In The Wind" on the other side.

bob dylan lyrics on potato chip bag harmonica


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