flag france * VOYAGE EN DYLANIE, by Christian Grammatico

    "VOYAGE EN DYLANIE are accessible, original and universal books of poetry. I was inspired by Bob Dylan’s songs to write my own texts. This trip is a trilogy of four chapters each. The first volume covers the years 1961 to 1976 but the texts are timeless, they can be read without any particular order, and reread a multitude of times simply for the pleasure of the eyes, heart and mind".
    Thank you to Jürgen Wasser for the information. [0323]

    Christian Grammatico also wrote another book of poetry called L'IDYLLE EN DYLANIE

    Books On Demand, paperback.

voyage en Dylanie 1
2021, 140 pages
ISBN 9782322396504
voyage en Dylanie 2
2022, 138 pages
ISBN 9782322410088
voyage en Dylanie 3
2022, 138 pages
ISBN 9782322396542

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