flag france * L'IDYLLE EN DYLANIE, by Christian Grammatico

   'THE IDYLL IN DYLANIA': "She only belongs to herself, but I told her, "I want you". This morning, like every morning, I am your love, you are like a planted stone. Your garment rubs off on me as a garment of light. Stay Lady, stay with me forever. Today I am alone with you, the only one I love, and I will be free, with Mother Nature, with my Madonna, my Sara. Oh Sara, leave me your love. Iíll never leave and if you have to leave, give me another night to convince you... It is a story of eternal love, banal, impossible, beautiful and cruel. A woman is in each of these Dylaniens poems".

     Christian Grammatico also wrote a trilogy of books of poetry called VOYAGE EN DYLANIE.

- PO…SIE, Books on Demand 2022, paperback, ISBN 9782322407644.

l'idylle en dylanie book in French

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