sweden TARANTULA by Bob Dylan

TARANTULA translated into Swedish by Görgen Antonsson.

index till bob Dylan tarantula 1981 bob Dylan book in Swedish
Förlaget Galder 1981, 88 pages

bob dylan tarantula Förlaget Galder 1981 book in Swedish
with INDEX TILL BOB DYLAN TARANTULA, 29 pages.  Förlaget Galder 1981.
tarantula bakhall bob Dylan book in Swedish 2000
Bakhåll 2000, bilingual Swedish/English edition, includes Klas Burling 1966 interview CD, 192 pages
ISBN 917742168X

tarantula Bakhåll 2016 bob Dylan book in Swedish
Bakhåll (Lund) 2016, paperback. Identical front cover but different back cover to above and without the CD of Klas Burling Interview. 192 pages. ISBN 91-7742-168-9


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