flag france TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan

TARANTULA has been translated into French by Dashiell Hedayat in 1972, and by Daniel Bismuth in 2001.
The first 1972 edition was titled DYLAN TARANTULA. The followind editions added 'BOB' on the front cover.

tarantula bourgois 1972 bob dylan book in French
, by Bob Dylan, Christian Bourgois Editeur 1972,followed by a 10 page essay 'PORTAIT DE L'ARTISTE EN ROCK STAR' by Dashiell Hedayat, 116 pages. No ISBN

tarantula Union Générale
d'Éditions, 10/18 1973 bob dylan book in French
, Union Générale d'Éditions, 10/18 1973, 187 pages. No ISBN

tarantula 10/18 1993 bob dylan book in French
, 10/18 Domaine Etranger 1993, 187 pages. ISBN 2-264-00009-0

tarantula hachette 2001TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Hachette 2001, with obi, translation by Daniel Bismuth, 233 pages; text followed by some extracts from interviews 1965-1985. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

tarantula Hachette 2001 bob dylan book in French
same, with obi

tarantula Hachette 2005 bob dylan book in French
Hachette 2005. First version: glossy new sheet covering the 2001 edition cover. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

tarantula hachette 2005 2nd version bob dylan book in French
Hachette 2005. Second version: new cover, dated 2005. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

tarantula fayard 2018 bob dylan book in Frenchsame, Fayard 2018, softcover with obi ('The first book of the Nobel writer'), 249 pages. ISBN 978-2-213-70952-9 tarantula fayard 2018 with obi bob dylan book in French same, with obi

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