flag france TARANTULA (in French)

TARANTULA was translated into French by Dashiell Hedayat in 1972, and by Daniel Bismuth in 2001.

tarantula bourgois 1972 bob dylan book in French
, by Bob Dylan, Christian Bourgois Editeur 1972,followed by a 10 page essay 'PORTAIT DE L'ARTISTE EN ROCK STAR' by Dashiell Hedayat, 116 pages. No ISBN

tarantula Union Générale
d'Éditions, 10/18 1973 bob dylan book in French
, Union Générale d'Éditions, 10/18 1973, 187 pages. No ISBN

tarantula 10/18 1993 bob dylan book in French
, 10/18 Domaine Etranger 1993, 187 pages. ISBN 2-264-00009-0

tarantula hachette 2001TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Hachette 2001, with obi, translation by Daniel Bismuth, 233 pages; text followed by some extracts from interviews 1965-1985. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

tarantula Hachette 2001 bob dylan book in French
same, with obi

tarantula Hachette 2005 bob dylan book in French
Hachette 2005. First version: glossy new sheet covering the 2001 edition cover. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

tarantula hachette 2005 2nd version bob dylan book in French
Hachette 2005. Second version: new cover, dated 2005. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

tarantula fayard 2018 bob dylan book in Frenchsame, Fayard 2018, softcover with obi ('The first book of the Nobel writer'), 249 pages. ISBN 978-2-213-70952-9 tarantula fayard 2018 with obi bob dylan book in French same, with obi


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