german flag * MY GENERATION, by Christoph Dieckmann 

  A chapter is about Dylan's concert in East Berlin, 17 September 1987. Note that the subtitle is different on the first two editions of the book. Thank you to Jürgen Wasser for pointing that LIKE A ROLLING STONE is not a new book, but actually the third edition (2018), with the name of the photographer Harald Hauswald added on the front cover and a third subtitle.

my generation christoph dieckman bob dylan book in German
- COCKER, DYLAN, LINDENBERG UND DIE VERLORENE ZEIT, LinksDruck Verlag, Christoph Links, Berlin, 1st edition April 1994, paperback, 271 pages. ISBN 3-86153-014-7
my generation christoph dieckman 2nd edition bob dylan book in German
- COCKER, DYLAN, HONECKER UND DIE BLEIBENDE ZEIT, 2nd edition, (note the different subtitle), Ch. Links Verlag, Berlin 1999. 240 pages, paperback. ISBN 3-86153-195-X
Like a Rolling Stone, weststars in der ddr
- DYLAN, COCKER, SPRINGSTEEN - WESTSTARS IN DER DDR, by Christoph Dieckmann and Harald Hauswald (photos), Jaron Verlag 2018, hardcover, 100 pages. ISBN 9783897738577

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