german flag MY GENERATION, by Christoph Dieckmann 

The third edition (2018) is called LIKE A ROLLING STONE.

my generation christoph dieckman bob dylan book in German
- COCKER, DYLAN, LINDENBERG UND DIE VERLORENE ZEIT, , LinksDruck Verlag, Christoph Links, Berlin, 1st edition April 1994, paperback, 271 pages. One chapter is about Dylan's concert in East Berlin. ISBN 3-86153-014-7
my generation christoph dieckman 2nd edition bob dylan book in German
- COCKER, DYLAN, HONECKER UND DIE BLEIBENDE ZEIT, 2nd edition, (note the different subtitle), Ch. Links Verlag, Berlin 1999. 240 pages, paperback. ISBN 3-86153-195-X


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