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EAST BERLIN, East Germany, 17 September 1987
Treptower Festwiese, Friedenskonzert Der FDJ

Treptower Festwiese
    The concert took place in the Treptower Park, a park alongside the river Spree in Alt-Treptow, in the district of Treptow-Köpenick, south of central Berlin. In 1987 it was a part of East-Berlin.

   Two years before the fall of the Wall, a rock concert in East Berlin was a big event. Also on the bill were Tom Petty and Roger McGuinn. The concert was originally intended for the Waldbühne in West Berlin but due to poor ticket sales promoter Fritz Rau offered the event to the East German Künstleragentur. No less than 70,000 people turned up at the Treptower Festwiese.  (

bob dylan hearts of fire film press phote
Columbia Press photo
Collection Jürgen Wasser
Bob Dylan 17 september east berlin ticket
Ticket for the concert

The programme below was a large sheet of paper folded to a 8 page A4 size:

Bob Dylan 17 september east berlin Programme folded programme, front and back  Bob Dylan Programme

Bob Dylan Programme unfolded 1987 Berlin East  unfolded, front & back   Bob Dylan Programme unfolded 2 1987 Berlin East

   Below: See how the Stasi (East Germany security service) estimated the concert in Treptower Park: (Source of the documents and texts: Stasi Unterlagen Archiv.

information-stasi information-stasi In a first "Information" the department XX summarizes the general conditions around the planned concert with Bob Dylan. In particular, "older young people and middle-aged people" would use the opportunity to see the "so-called old master of rock" live during his "one-time appearance" in the GDR. (Double-click to read the text)
information-stasi information-stasi The Ministry of the Interior informed the Stasi about the success of the "security measures" around the concert. From the point of view of the MdI, there were no "provocative-demonstrative actions" by the concert visitors. Six people were tried for "disturbing socialist coexistence" and a preliminary investigation for insult.. (Double-click to read the text)

Bob Dylan set list:

       When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

       I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

       Maggie's Farm

       Simple Twist Of Fate

       Dead Man, Dead Man

       Ballad Of A Thin Man

       Shelter From The Storm

       Highway 61 Revisited

       I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

       Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35

       I And I

       Like A Rolling Stone

       Blowin' In The Wind

       In The Garden


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