flag uk HEARTS OF FIRE, by Larry Milne

     "The explosive new film starring Bob dylan, Fiona and Ruppert Everett". This awful little book didn’t sell when originally published and was quickly sent for pulping making it quite an unusual “collectors” item which when it turns up now sells from anywhere between £40 and £100! (bobdylanisis.com)

* HEARTS OF FIRE - THE EXPLOSIVE NEW FILM STARRING BOB DYLAN, FIONA, AND RUPERT EVERETT, by Larry Milne, New English Library 1987, 124 pages, ISBN 0-450-41177-X

hearts of fire Bob Dylan book                  hearts of fire back cover Bob Dylan book

Below: same, alternate front and back covers. Thank you to Jürgen Wasser for pointing these differences

hearts of fire Bob Dylan book alternate front                  hearts of fire alternate back cover Bob Dylan book


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