flag us-uk CHRONICLES - VOLUME 2, by Bob Dylan

   bobdylanisis, 30 April 2019:  "At long last, the lengthy wait for 'Chronicles Volume 2' may be coming to an end. Slated to be 256 pages, publisher Simon & Schuster may have the book out by the end of this year. Several websites are listing hardback and paperback editions for December 31, 2019, and are also taking pre-orders! Simon & Schuster, however, have informed us that this December date is what they term as a “holding date,” and that the actual publication is not yet fixed. In actual fact, this December 31 date has been there since 2016! Even if the December 2019 date does come to fruition, the hard and paperback will not arrive on the same date!"

Simon & Schuster 2019, 256 pages:

chronicles volume two Bob Dylan book
Paperback. ISBN 9780743478656
chronicles volume two Bob Dylan book
Hardback. ISBN 9780743230773

   One month before this publication in Isis, on the 1st of April 2019, a FAKE front cover of Chronicles Volume 2 was put on line by Come Writers And Critics, and advertised on expectingrain.com with the complicity of its webmaster Karl-Erik Andersen:

expectingrain.com 1 may 2019

   After initial surprise and congratulations sent for that exclusive news, people soon realised it was actually an April Fool's Day joke. You can see the fake cover here.


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